Scarlet Spider: The great costume that Ben Reilly wore. Type LETTER S, or defeat Rhino at level 3-1. Spiderman Armor: First activate the Captain Universe costume; Once you have selected it, get the armor icon during the game and appear with it for the rest of the game. Quick change: Spidey half dressed. Type ALMSTPKR, or get more than 10,000 in Training mode. You will only have two cartridges. Captain Universe: Incarnation of a cosmic entity. Type the code S COSMIC, or complete the game in Hard mode; This suit will give you double power, infinite spider web and invincibility. Codes: The following tricks are entered from the Cheats option found within the Special option of the main menu: ALLSIXCC: All comics. BNREILLY: Ben Beilly. CDSTUR: Butt energy CGOSSETT: Activate Storyboard. CMC BUFF: Access to the collection of comics in the gallery. CVIEW EM: Characters. DULUX: Cabezon mode. EEL NATS: Activate everything. GBHSRSPM: New game mode. LLADNEK: Debug mode. MJSSTUD: Peter Parker. RULUR: Joel Jewett. RUSTCRST: Invincibility. S COSMIC: Captain Universe. STRUDL: Infinite cobweb. TWNTYNDN: Suit 2099 WATCH EM: You can watch all the videos. XCLSIOR: Level Selection. The amazing man bag: The Human Torch had the occurrence of providing this elegant suit to Spidey. Type AMZBGMAN, this wonderful uniform only allows you to carry two network cartridges. Become invisible: Finish the game with the simbiote suit and you will have the scarlet spiderman, this can be invisible invisible with a button. Peter Parker: Type MUS STUD, or get all the spheres in Training mode; Then get into the pit and run to the wall with? to meet Peter in less than a minute. As Petey you will only have two cartridges. Spiderman Unlimited: Costume from the new Spidey animation series: Type the PARALLEL code, or complete the game twice; With this suit you can camouflage yourself by pressing Special symbiote suit: Uniform achieved in the Secret Wars. Enter the BLKSPIDR code or complete the game; This suit has unlimited spider web. Action Replay Codes (USA Version) Infinite energy: D004B1BE A622 8004B1BE 2400 Infinite spider web : D0048C42 AE03 80048C42 2400 Active invulnerability : 800B4F6C 0001 Invulnerability disabled: 800B4F6C 0000 Show the counters: 800B4F74 0001 Without counters: 800B4F74 0000 Transparent Spiderman: 8003ECDE 2400 Activate level selection: 800B4F80 0001 Activate the "What if contest?" Mode 800B4F5C 0001 Activate all story boards: 800A56DC 0102 Activate all suits: 800A5708 FFFF 800A570A FFFF Activate all characters in the viewer: 800A570C FFFF 800A570E FFFF Activate all movies: 800A5710 FFFF 800A5712 FFFF Activate all comic collection: 800A5714 FFFF 800A5716 FFFF Activate all covers: 800A5718 FFFF 800A571A FFFF Activate all: 50000A02 0000 800A5708 FFFF Suit modifier: 800A5704 00 ?? Figures to add to the suit modifier: 00 - SPIDERMAN 01 - SPIDERMAN 2099 02 - SYMBIOTE SPIDERMAN 03 - CAPTAIN UNIVERSE 04 - SPIDEY UNLIMITED 05 - AMAZING BAGMAN 06 - SCARLET SPIDEY 07 - BEN REILLY 08 - QUICK CHANGE SPIDEY 09 - PETER PARKER Costume skill modifier : 800B5280 00 ?? Figures to add to the suit skill modifier: 01 - SPIDERMAN 02 - SPIDERMAN 2099/03 - SYMBIOTE SPIDERMAN 04 - CAPTAIN UNIVERSE 05 - SPIDEY UNLIMITED 06 - AMAZING BAG MAN 07 - SARLET SPIDEY 08 - BEN REILLY 09 - PETER CHANGE SPIDEY 0A - PETER PARKER
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