Plants vs. Tricks Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 for PC, PS4 and XBOne

Now we leave you a series of aids and tricks of Plants vs. Zombie: Garden Warfare 2 for PC, a great game full of fun to play alone or with friends where zombies will face plants with great genius, and from Trucoteca we help you with some little secrets that we show you just below.

Secret Fish:

Now we teach you how to get the 10 fish that are hidden by the map, to find the location of each of them you must follow the instructions shown in the video, and with that you will get all the fish in a matter of a few minutes. {[VIDEO-YOUTUBE – NS31s54LSU]}

Secret rooms with Chests:

In the battlefield area of the backyard we can find 2 secret rooms that contain several chests of which we can get 50,000 coins from one and 20,000 from another, a quick way to get a total of 70,000 coins that will come in handy. Room 1: You must go down to the sewer as far as you can, and just near where you can jump you will see a green acid pool, climb the stairs jumping, and follow the copper tube without falling to the acid, follow that pipe until you can turn to right and find the secret room, once inside we will see several chests, in one of them we can find the 50,000 coins and some rewards for us that will come perfectly to spend in the store. Room 2: In the target area we must go to the shooting range, we look for the wooden panels to which we will have to jump to reach them, we will see a large door with a gnome on the left we must pay 5 stars to open the field shot, and if we are able to do it in 22 seconds we will get extra diamonds, if we don't see the chest with the 20,000 coins.

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 How to enter the Secret Room:

Now we show you a video with the location of the secret room to get 50,000 coins and two legendary ones, to obtain it we must follow the steps of the video and use the plant shown in the video or any of those that have an enhanced jump.

Gnomes Collectibles:

Now we show you a video where you will see how to get the 54 gnomes that are hidden by the map, with this video guide you will find the location of each of them without difficulty to get everyone.

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