See how to request a refund on Steam

Everything does not always go well when we buy games. Whether because they did not run properly or simply because they were not what we expected, sometimes the best option is to give up and ask for the money back. That's why we've brought you the step by step of how to request a refund on Steam.

How to claim your money back via Steam

1 - The first step is to login to the Steam website . It is not possible to request a refund for the program installed on your device. After logging in, click on the " Support " button . 2 - In the support menu, find the option " Purchases ". 3 - Then select the option " View complete purchase history ". 4 - The next screen will show all the games you have purchased on Steam. Click on the one you want to request a refund. 5 - After selecting the game, choose the option "I want to be refunded" and on the next screen, confirm by clicking on "I want to request a refund". 6 - Finally, select the reason for the request and explain

Steam refund rules and conditions

  1. Anyone who has purchased games within 2 weeks and with less than 2 hours of use can apply for a refund on Steam. This rule also applies to additional content (DLC), unredeemed gifts, packages.
  2. In the case of pre-sales, refunds can be requested at any time until the game is released. After that, the previous rule will apply.
  3. The refund will be made within 1 week after your approval. The amount can be refunded in the Steam Wallet or in the payment source used.
  4. Even if your refund request does not comply with the above rules, Steam clarifies that it evaluates the possibility of all requested cases.

You cannot ask for a refund ...

  1. Players who have been banned by the VAC system - Valve Anti-Cheat (Sistetema Valve Antitrapaça)
  2. Players who are abusing the right to a refund. If the person is found to be requesting too many refunds as a way to play for free, the request will be denied.
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