Pokémon Go Go Pikachu & Eevee cheats for Switch

How to get variocolor or shiny charm Pokémon

To capture Pokémon of different colors (they have a little star in the Pokédex) it is necessary to have the Pokédex complete from Pokémon number # 001 to # 150 without including New, Meltan and Melmetal. If you comply with this premise, we will show you how to capture a variocolor Pokémon, although you must be patient because the chances of getting one are scarce. To increase the odds you must capture the same Pokémon with successive Pokémon times , which will make you enter into a combo, streak or chain. If you fail to capture him or run away, the chain combo will not break and remain intact, but EYE! that if the Pokémon flees you will lose the streak. That's why we recommend that you only capture easy and not difficult Pokémon (with a yellow and red frame) and use raspberries to tame them and / or higher Pokéballs. We leave you the chances of finding a variocolor Pokémon capturing the same Pokémon: - Combo of 1-10: 1 perfect IV and 1 / 4,096 odds of finding a variocolor Pokémon - 11-20: 2 IV combo perfect and 1/1024 chance of finding a variocolor Pokémon - Combo of 31 or more: 4 perfect IVs and 1 / 341.3 odds of finding a variocolor Pokémon As you will see, capturing 31 or more Pokémon will not make you increase the streak, so we advise you to only capture 31 and dedicate yourself to searching the area until a 'shiny' one appears. Despite all this, not all Pokémon exist in various colors . Below we show you the list with everyone you can get to capture:

Where to capture Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle

Charmander : It is located on routes 3 and 4 inside the Roca Tunnel and having a lot of patience. Another way of achieving it is by going to Route 24 and crossing the Pepita Bridge where you will find a coach next to a Charmander, he will give it to you as long as you have captured at least 50 Pokémon. Bulbasaur : You'll find it in the Green Forest, the first dungeon in the game. If you have patience you can get one of them. Squirtle : It is located on routes 24 and 25 and also in the Foam Islands.

How to get Mew

You must get a Pokéball Plus (the new Nintendo device). If you already have it follow these steps: 1) Enter the pause menu and select «Communication» 2) Select "Mysterious Gift" 3) Enter “Receive using Poké Ball Plus”, you must have an Internet connection and you will receive it.

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