Fortnite Battle Royale is a game that takes time to be completely mastered. You will need to play hard to get well, but if you train hard, you will evolve quickly. Although the combat mechanics are very similar to other games, Fortnite has other details that can be a little difficult for the novice player. First, equipment and weapons appear randomly on the map, forcing the player to make decisions quickly. In Fortnite, it is also possible to build different structures for both defense and attack, making each contact with enemies even more unpredictable. It is not uncommon to see very tall buildings created in seconds, while players fire at enemies quickly. The creators then decided to develop a new game mode called Playground, where it is possible to train their movements, their way of building and getting to know the map in depth. Follow our training guide to improve your skills.

Enter Playground mode

Before that, a player who wanted to train construction had to jump in a lonely corner of the map, pick up some materials and start building. If an enemy player were around, training would end quickly. To get to know the guns better was the same thing, there was no other way but within a match. Now it is no longer necessary. In this mode, building materials are collected in greater quantities per batch, there is no storm for an hour, and all loot chests and ammunition boxes are available. Also, there are 100 llamas on the map! The only players besides you are your squad if you want to play squad.

1. Explore the map any way you like

If you have always been curious about certain areas of the map and have never succeeded, this is your chance. Search for treasure chests, explore areas you've never explored, and try to memorize the terrain. Knowing where the highest point is in a given area can save your life, as well as knowing the best way to get in and out of dangerous areas like Torres Tortas or Minas Matreiras. Know the best areas of the map to loot!

2. Build everything you can

In this mode, the collection of building materials is faster. Take advantage of this detail to build everything you want trying to perfect your reflexes. In Fortnite, it's not enough to shoot well, you also need to build quickly. Test different structures and try to make them tall and wide, to resist enemy shots. Build in different ways, set traps on ceilings or walls and try to be faster and faster. Learn basic tips to build better!

3. Test all weapons and items

Use all the weapons you can. If you can play with a squad of friends, fight and find out how each weapon behaves. It is very important to know the defects and qualities of each weapon, as in a normal match you will have to play with what appears. Try the different grenades, explosives and traps. Don't worry if you eliminate members from your squad, they are teleported back into the air and may fall back on the map. Get to know each Fortnite weapon in depth

4. Train with your team

If it is common to play squad or duo, use this mode to train together. Train teamwork in combat, construction and dressing situations. Take the opportunity to rehearse different strategies in different locations on the map without worrying about enemies spoiling your plans. Finally, remember that Playground mode is just a training mode to improve as a Fortnite player. Your XP doesn't go up and you can't win V-Bucks or challenges. Nothing can replace real practice against real players. 8 Essential Tips for Beginning Players

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