Here we show you a series of tricks and aids of PES 2017 for PS4, the soccer simulator that returns every year with great news and with the best equipment for those lovers of this sport and as always in Trucoteca we want to help you improve your experience game.


If you want to be a true pro in PES 2017 you will need to know each dribble well and so that they can be useful, and as always we try to make it as easy as possible, for this we detail a guide with all the races we know and how to perform them in a simple way to break the opponent's defense and have more scoring chances. Rainbow: This is a classic dribble, allows us to make a hat to the opponent and also comes great to mislead the contrary, to perform this trick we will only have to press the right Joystick twice in a row when we have the spherical in possession. Neymar Chop: With the name we already know who makes this dribble in an imposing way, if we talk about Neymar el Barça, but other players can also do it, it is a movement to deceive the opponent, for this we will have to move the left Joystick to the right and the right joystick to the left simultaneously, in this way we will leave the opponent with his mouth open. Touches in the race: This dribble is not very useful on the field, but visually it is very beautiful, to do it we just have to press the right Joystick while we take the ball in the race, if the player with the ball is able to perform this action will begin to touch while advancing in the race. Stepping on the ball: Another good dribble since when we step on the ball we can move it without moving the body, this is great for quick starts and thus surprising on the contrary, to get it we will have to press the one that stepped on the ball, and then move with the Joystick left. Shooting shot: This is very useful especially to leave the goalkeeper sold in goal, but also serves to break the defense of the players, for this we just have to be somewhat quick and press the firing button and then the pass button , we will have to practice it a bit to make it perfect, but when we master it it will be really useful. Throwing into the pool: We all know that many players when looking for the foul are thrown to the ground without having been touched, and although this is not very elegant if it is widely used, and in PES 2017 we can also throw ourselves into the pool to see if the referee gives us a foul or else we get yellow, to make this little slap, just press the L3 + R3 + + at the same time . Vaseline: Great to raise it to the goalkeeper when we are close to the goal, when we have a ball in our position and we are in front of the goalkeeper, especially in some against not defending nearby, press when we are going to make the shot and then make a shot Vaseline that is very likely for the goalkeeper to swallow and score a goal.

Neymar celebration:

In the new PES 2017 we can make different goal celebrations, it is enough to score goals with any player and a menu of celebrations is displayed, but the famous Neymar can make a celebration that does not appear in that menu, and that will also cost you the yellow card , and it is because in that celebration we will see how the shirt is removed and then the referee will take out a card, to make this great celebration just score a goal with Neymar, obvious thing, and then we must press the R3 button that is the right Joystick , but remember well that this celebration will cost the yellow card to the Brazilian. NOTE: If Neymar has a yellow card, he will not be able to hold that celebration as much as we want.

Get the Option Files:

For those who do not know what it is, the Option Files are the licenses of the equipment, as you can see the equipment we have in PES does not come with the image that corresponds to it, as in the previous sagas, but this has an easy solution, To do this we must download a file that you can download at the end, after downloading it we unzip it, and to the resulting folder we must change the name to «WEPES», once the name has been changed we enter the folder, delete all the photos leaving only the «. Bin » Once we have all this we must have a Pendrive formatted in FAT 32, for those who do not know, you must right click on the Pendrive and format, when formatting you will be asked if in FAT 32 or NTFS, we choose FAT 32, then we put the folder WEPES to the Pendrive and we introduce the Pendrive in our PS4. When we are already in the PES we must go to the "Edit Menu" , then the "Admin. of data ” , to the option “ import / export ” , now “ Import Equipment ” and now we select all the files that will appear to us, which are all the “ .Bin ” that we had in the WEPES folder, finally when we accept we must accept the option of »Apply player data and templates» expect a bit to load all the files and ready you can enjoy official licenses for European teams. Download link:
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