Codes for the Cheats console:

Open the code console by pressing ENTER enter the code and then press ENTER again: Explore All: Reveal the entire map. sels.AddToPopulation (100): Add 100 inhabitants to the fortress population. sels.SetFood (20000): 20,000 units of food. sels.SetGold (20,000): 20,000 units of gold. selu.AddBonus (200, 200, 60, 60, 20000): The skills of the selected unit increase. selu.SetLevel (200): You must have selected a hero and reach level 200.

Codes on units:

HEAL SELU (50000) Cures the selected unit. ADDBONUS SELU (200, 60, 60, 20000) Unbeatable unit. SELU.SETLEVEL (200) The unit reaches level 200, a level that is generally not reached or ending the entire game.

Codes about fortresses or villages:

SELS.SETFOOD (20000) Raise the settlement lives you selected to 20,000 units. SELS.SETGOLD (20000) Raises its gold to 20,000. SELS.ADDTOPOPULATION (100) 100 inhabitants more than population.

General Codes:

SETSPEED (10000) Play 10 times faster. SETSPEED (1000) The game returns to its normal speed. EXPLOREALL Explore the full map (no black areas) TOGGLEFOG Activates or deactivates the fog; when disabled you can see everything that happens on the map.

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