In Path of Exile , you have access to a monstrous talent tree, with endless possibilities for personalizing your hero. This offers a great richness to the game, but it can also be quite intimidating for those who are just starting to play. To help you build your builds and simplify the process, you can use the Path of Building software . Check out this tutorial to learn how to take advantage of this software and master the game!

How to install

Path of Building is software made available on GitHub . On this page you can download the installer ( choose the .exe file ). From here, the installation process is very simple, just follow the steps indicated. After installation, it may be necessary to let the application do an update.

How to configure

After opening the application, you will find the passive talent tree on the right. There, you can create new trees and save them for use in your characters in the game. On the left side of the screen, there are also several options:
  • Import / Export Builds: allows you to export or import builds for the game;
  • Notes: consists of a notepad that you can use to write down anything you want;
  • Tree: takes you back to the visualization of your talent tree;
  • Skills: allows you to enter skills and gems;
  • Items: allows you to equip items in the game;
  • Calcs: where you can view all statistics related to the build you are working on.

How to import builds

If you do not want to create your own builds, there is the possibility to import the ones you want from the internet , as long as they bring the code for you to copy and insert in Path of Building through the Import / Export Build option . After doing this, your tree will be complete with the imported data and you will be able to check your character's statistics if she uses the chosen build.

How to create your own build

It is very easy to start creating your build, just press the New button and you are ready to start your choices. However, making the right choices is not an easy task, so always check your statistics to see if you are going in the right direction.

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