When starting a new game, you should always try to choose the simplest heroes, to get used to the mechanics well before looking for more complex gameplay. In Paladins , this is especially important, as the skills of the characters are paramount to success in the game. Then check out the best Paladins heroes for beginners!

1. Zhin

Zhin is one of the best flankers for those who are starting the game. In addition, he is a character with a good look , wielding his flaming sword and setting fire on enemies. It is true that being a flanker is not the best position for those starting the game, but Zhin has two skills that make him almost invulnerable . Soon, you will be more protected if you make beginner mistakes. Zhin is a hero with great mobility, a lot of survival and a lot of fun to play.

2. Barik

Barik is one of the best choices as it is one of the best tanks in the game. It has decent mobility for a tank, a solid defense and, in addition, it also does good damage. Much of your strength comes from your towers, as they will do a lot of damage while you focus on defense. Due to his multifaceted abilities, Barik does well both as a solo tank and as a double tank. The only difficulty will be managing your shield's reload time . You don't want to be without a shield and towers at the same time.

3. Fernando

Fernando uses a big gun and a big shield. You can walk around the map mounted on a flaming horse and spear in hand, experiencing shooter gameplay. This character is especially useful, as he has skills that are good in both defense and attack, which makes him very flexible in combat. With this hero, you can either defend a point or go out to kill enemies, as Fernando is very good in all roles.

4. Seris

If you want to be part of the team support, Seris is the ideal healer for you. The heroine has the skill with the greatest healing in the game and managing the reload times for her other abilities is easier than in the other healers in the game. In addition, Seris enjoys great protection with an ability that allows her to be temporarily invisible and invulnerable for a few seconds.

5. Lian

Lian is a heroine who does massive damage and is very easy to pick up if you are a novice. Its gameplay is frantic and exciting and it is perfect both for clearing enemy lines and in duels with one enemy. Heroin is undoubtedly very important for beginners, as they have an advantage against ganks and are not discouraged because they still do not have much experience in the game. The online instant HTML editor tools make a great resource that will help you a lot in your work.

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