Need For Speed ??Cheats: Carbon (NFS CARBON) for PC

We must enter the following codes in the welcome screen «Press to Continue», type: canyonalltheway: All tracks lotsoffreelogos: Tuning stickers. 5grand5grand: Castrol money trashtalking: Rhino in fast race mode. friendlyheadlocksapplied: You can change equipment without limit nosforeverever : Nitro without limit. slowitdownwhenyouwant: Unlimited SpeedBreaker.

Vehicle Commands

lotsoffreelogos: Special logo for the car. shinycarsarethebestcars: All cars are chrome. givemethedb9: Aston Martin DB9 of 2005 givemethechargersrt8: We got the 2006 Dodge Charger SRT8 chasingmobile: Corvette Z06 Interceptor in fast career mode guesswhoisback: Cross Corvette Z06 in fast race mode bigredfiredrive : Fire truck in fast career mode. watchoutthebigtruckishere: Garbage truck in fast race mode.

More Advantages

UNLIMITED US : [Ctrl] + [1] Unlimited speedbraker [Ctrl] + [2] Multiply skid points by 20 [Ctrl] + [3] To get money, enter the amount you want, go to free roam mode and press the combination. [Ctrl] + [4] Instant Cooldwn [Ctrl] + [5] speed3foryou: Mazda

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