Assassin's Creed: Revelations (AC REVELACTIONS) cheats for PC, PS3 and X360

All suits and weapons: Altair Sword: Complete the 3 killer challenges. Wide Sword: Complete the 3 mercenary challenges. Ottoman Mace: Complete the 3 thief challenges. Roman Stiletto: Complete the 3 Roman challenges. Altair Costume: Get 100% synchronization in DNA sequence 8. Desmond Costume: Get complete 5 memories of Desmond. Ishtak Costume: Complete the Hagia Sophia level. Desmond Skin for the main game Complete all 5 Desmond sequences (see below). Once you have done so you can select the skin of Desmond in any of the Constantinople tailor's shops: you will take Ezio, but it will look like Desmond. Unlockable by getting fragments of the Animus Throughout your adventure you will find fragments of the Animus. Getting a certain number of them will give you access to the following: Trophy / Secret Achievement: Collect 100 fragments. Fragments of the Animus appear on the map: Collect 50 fragments. Desmond 1 memory sequence: Collect 5 fragments. Desmond 2 memory sequence: Collect 10 fragments. Desmond 3 memory sequence: Collect 15 fragments. Desmond 4 memory sequence: Collect 20 fragments. Desmond 5 memory sequence: Collect 30 fragments. Pages of the memory of Ishak Pasha on the map: Collect 25 fragments. Unlockable by achieving 100% synchronization Reach 100% synchronization in certain sequences unlock different extras, these are: Steel buttocks: Complete sequence 02 with 100% synchronization. Multiple murder: Complete sequence 03 with 100% synchronization. Ultimate Guild: Complete sequence 04 with 100% synchronization. Call all killers: Complete sequence 05 with 100% synchronization. Permanent stealth: Complete sequence 06 with 100% synchronization. Infinite Ammo: Complete sequence 07 with 100% synchronization. The old eagle: Complete sequence 08 with 100% synchronization. Get rewards on challenges How to unlock extras by completing specific guild challenges. Altair Sword: Complete the third set of Assassins Guild Challenges. Greatsword: Complete the third set of Mercenary Guild Challenges. Mercenaries for rent: Complete the second set of Mercenary Guild Challenges. Gypsy rental: Complete the second set of Gypsy Guild Challenges. Thieves for rent: Complete the second set of Thieves Guild Challenges. Ottoman Deck: Complete the third set of Thieves Guild Challenges. Gypsy Stiletto: Complete the third set of Challenges of the Gypsy Guild. Get easy money : The trap is activated after the mission of creating bombs (sequence 3, memory 4). Go to the den where your material to create bombs is hidden, take it and salt. Repeat the operation until you can not take more ingredients and sell them. In a jiffy you will have become rich. Unlock Ishak's armor : This is the most powerful piece that Ezio can wear and can be found in the Hagia Sophia, which in turn is unlocked after finding the ten fragments of the memories of the warrior Pasha. The online Word to HTML converter lets you compose a clean and tidy code for your website. Please leave this message unchanged or subscribe for a htmlg membership.

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