NBA 2K17 cheats for PS4 and PS3

Now we leave you with some tricks and aids of NBA 2K17 for PlayStation 4, the fantastic saga of basketball every year returns with better graphics, better character mobility and many new features and as always in Trucoteca we want to help you take your team to the most high of the best known leagues in the world.


We show you a trap that we have found, but we warn you that it will surely be patched with the next update, one way to win coins almost immediately in NBA 2K17 is to go to the option to play, then play online, we choose a level 4 team , as soon as the game begins we make a foul to the rival team, we pause the game and we give it out, in this way we will get 500 coins immediately, we can do this same trick 3 times in a row, then we must restart the game, closing the application or restarting our console and we repeat the process as many times as we want, but never more than 3 times in a row or we will be banned.

Get VC fast:

The best way to get VC is in the My Career mode, we must carry out all the events that we can and go to the support meetings, if we complete as many as we can we will win enough VC, also if we consider ourselves capable, we can play matches in the My mode Race in the hall of fame difficulty to get approximately 1000 VC per game, depends a little on the type of game you perform.


- The best we can do to defend the players who are super stars of the rival team, is to use the best defensive players of your team, mark them through the coach options, that way you will get a better defense to face the best and avoid winning the game. - Each team has different rotation movements, called Pick And Roll, you can use them with the button and then select one with the left analog to perform them. - Never try to make a counterattack if you have not managed to catch a defensive rebound, steal the ball or make a blockage, since if you try before having the ball you will surely not be able to add more points in the opponent's marker. - If you press make a bounce pass, and if you press it twice in a row it will become a fast pass. - When you press it, we make a normal pass, usually not in danger in our field or outside the line of 3, but within the area it is better to make chopped passes. - With it we will make a pass over the head, while if we press it twice in a row we perform the famous Alley Oop so that our pivot crushes the hoop. - If you want to make the typical wall pass, you must press and hold the move and release it when you want to make the wall, when you release the pass. - With the button we can make a Pick and Roll play, and if we press it again after the play we will leave the position or rotate early. - If we press we can change between rotation or movement. And by pressing we can switch between the left or right side of the player's hand in the Pick and Roll - If you have made a Pick and Roll, now you can fool the opponent if you make a feint shot, then throw the pass or make a tray. - To guarantee the highest number of scored baskets it is important to see that the player who is going to throw from any position has their feet facing the basket, and if you want it to be a good pitch it is important that you learn the shooting times for each player that this in your team, if you practice throwing you will not fail in important matches, it may seem absurd but believe me when you score almost all the baskets .. - Each player is good and bad in an area of the field when it comes to scoring a basket, it is important that you practice long before starting with serious games so that you control your players well and thus know when and where to throw a basket. - A good technique is to learn the virtues and weaknesses of your rival teams, in this way you will know better how to focus your game for the match. - In the options you can change the configuration to make the changes automatically or manually. - Try to change between the different camera types and positions of the court and thus choose the one that is most comfortable for you to play. - Some players have poor precision when it comes to throwing a basket, if you find out what they are, you can look for the foul with them when making a shot and thus get some advantage. - It is important that your best players do not make many fouls, if they are expelled from the game for accumulation of foul is very likely to lose the game.

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