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Horizon Zero Dawn Information for PS4

Now we show you all the information you need to know about Horizon Zero Dawn, an exclusive PlayStation 4 game, where we will see an adventure game in an open world, the game is seen from the third person and brings with it more action than ever, and as always in Trucoteca we want to update you on this great game.

Official Horizon Zero Dawn Trailer:

Now we show you the amazing trailer of Horizon Zero Dawn, the new exclusive PS4 game full of action and adventure in a great open world, where we will control a heroine armed with its powerful arc to kill all the enemies she has to face .

Horizon Zero Dawn:

It is a new video game that will be released on March 1, 2017 exclusively for PlayStation 4, and PS4 Pro, it is an action, role, adventure and open world game that is being developed by Guerrilla Games, where the plot revolves around Aloy, a hunter and archer who lives in a world that has been invaded by robot Beasts, she who has been cloistered all her life now intends to discover the dangers they face outside, Aloy has great knowledge about the weapons and stealth tactics, during our adventure we will meet other peoples where we will get more missions to perform, while the main story will lead us to see how great this new world is.

Weaving Armor:

We already know some tricks to get the best armor of the game, the Tejeescudo outfit is the best we can find in Horizon Zero Dawn, since although it does not have any gap for the modifications it has a skill that grants a shield to absorb a good amount of damage, and as always in Trucoteca we help you get it in the simplest way possible, we will have to perform a series of steps, first of all we will tell you that we will have to complete the mission «Old Arsenal» that asks us to find five «Energy Cells », These are hidden by the game, but calm that we will tell you where they are, and once we have the five cells we will have to take them to the bunker they indicate to complete two puzzles and thus get the armor,and now we show you the location of each energy cell. Cell 1: It is located in Cementetrico, we must advance through the area until we get to complete the triple puzzle of the cores, when we pass through the door we will find a corridor and in that corridor we will see the cell. Cell 2: This we will find in Madre, we go to the area where the bedrooms are located, we will see it in the first room on the left in the first we will find it. Cell 3: This cell will be found in the ruins where our protagonist fell at the beginning of the game, a little southeast of Madre, if we continue through that area we will see the door, use our spear to open it and enter the hall, now we will see some rocks that we can break again with the spear and thus enter a new room where the cell is located. Cell 4: We will find it in Gaia Prime, we continue through the area through which we descend rappelling and when we reach the end we move to the left, we will see a rock at the bottom, we climb up it and jump to the wall that we can climb, if we continue that way we will arrive at another room where we will find the cell. Cell 5: The last one is achieved at the End of the Creator, we must go up to the meeting room that is at the top, when we are in the room as we look at the table, we turn to see the highest column, the We climb and we will reach a platform where we will see the energy cell.

Trick how to get infinite materials.

In this video we will see how to get infinite materials in the Horizon Zero Dawn game, for this we will go to the location of the video. There we select the mission and we will do it picking up the loot, once done we will have them kill us and we will return to the previous save point. We can perform this process as many times as we want.

Get Infinite Fast Trip:

In many open-world games they offer us the ability to make quick trips, this is really useful if we have to go from one end of the map to another, but in Horizon Zero Dawn we can make these fast trips, but of course we will have to have « Fast travel packages »and each trip we make we will spend one of these packages, but we have a way to travel fast without having to spend these packages, for this we will have to visit the merchants and find an item they sell called« Package golden fast travel »with it we can make as many trips as we want without spending. To buy this package we will have to get a series of materials that we will name below. - First have 50 game coins, they are metal chips. - Get a fox skin, we will find him killing foxes. - And finally get fat meat that is obtained as booty when hunting some foxes or wild boars.

Survive based on improvement:

The game has a large section of role, since we can manufacture our own objects after looting the corpse of a robot beast to which we have eliminated, Aloy will have its own weapons, but if you want to survive in this dangerous world you will have to expand it to get better, you will have different skills, from traps for enemies to even hacking a robot to use them to your control, we will also have a function to examine and scan the fearsome beasts to know their weaknesses and the rewards we will get if we end up with that beast


The combat in Horizon Zero Dawn, is a very careful element in the game, Gerrilla Games has invested a lot of time in this concept, we will have a great variety of beasts and they will not be an easy task, we will have more than 26 robot animals, with different forms and mechanics game, so it will force us to learn from each of these animals, their way of moving, their way of attacking, each experience will be unique, for example the best known and that we will see more in the game, the Watchers will be easy to to win, just hit one of our felts in his eye, after a fight with these machines we can collect pieces to improve our equipment. We will also have several weapons for the attack, from a fairly comfortable bow to a spear, or even put traps on the ground, as well as we see in Far Cry Primal, we can create arrows at the time to always be served, also thanks to stealth we can kill several enemies without being detected, especially useful when we meet other human enemies controlled by AI, also as we win all kinds of fighting Aloy will gain experience to level up and increase their repertoire of skills.


This gigantic world is totally explorable by our hunter, we will see how time affects between day and night, and while we are playing we can choose for ourselves the order in which we want to meet the challenges, missions and others, we can also relate to different forms with the characters we meet on our trip, and the decisions we make will affect in one way or another the development of our own history.

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