Minecraft tricks for Android and iPhone

Get infinite water:

You must have two buckets full of water that comes from a natural resource in the area (a lake, for example). Dig a 2 × 2 plot (that is, four blocks) and empty the water buckets in opposite corners, creating an infinite amount of water.

Mineral Guide:

Minecraft Minerals guide in which we show you where it is located, the location and uses of each material. The materials are coal, iron, lapis lazuli, gold, red stone and diamond. Coal: It is the most common mineral in all Minecraft. We will use it to create torches and as fuel in the oven, as well as to create other basic tools. We can get it with any type of peak and we will find it from layer 128, that is, almost at any time of the game. Iron: A very useful type of mineral, which will help us create good tools and pieces of armor. To extract it we need a stone peak or higher. We will find it from layer 64 (occasionally in layers 65,66 and 67) or, which is the same, starting from sea level down. It is necessary to melt it in the oven. Gold: Despite being the most appreciated mineral in real life, Minecraft is still a rarity. It serves to build tools and armor, as well as different types of technologies (such as watches), but does not last much longer than iron. To extract it we need an iron peak or higher. The gold is found from layer 32 (sometime in layers 33, 34 and 35), so we must have patience and dig deep. It is necessary to melt it in an oven to use it. Lapis Lazuli: It is a type of precious mineral that was added, at least in the PC version, after update 1.2. It can be used in its natural state, without melting it. To extract it we need a stone peak or higher and we find it between layers 23 and 25. There is usually water near the lapis lazuli. Red stone: Another type of mineral that does not need to be molten to use it. We will need an iron peak or higher to get it. We can find it from layer 15 and with it we can create very specific mechanisms that will help us in transportation, for example. It usually has nearby incandescent lava. Diamond: It is the most appreciated mineral and the one that allows us to create the most resistant tools, as well as the best armor. To extract it we need an iron peak or higher. We will find it from layer 12, although it is very rare. It usually grows in a diagonal, so it is convenient to dig well around the first block we find. Be very careful with the lava, that being so close to the lowest level can fall on our heads at any time. It is not necessary to melt it in the oven to use it.

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