If Minecraft is known for something, it is for being one of the video games that offer the greatest freedom to gamers. This is reflected in many aspects: exploration, crafting, construction, survival ... and tricks! The developers, Mojang, have made the activation of the codes very simple . It is not even necessary to access the console to enter commands. Simply add them as if they were chat messages . Of course, keep in mind that they do not allow to achieve achievements and are not activatable in all existing servers.

Get experience

/ xp {number} Replace {number} with the amount of experience you want to achieve.

How to get unlimited water

Just have two empty buckets in the inventory and fill both with water wherever there is water. At this time, we will fit a 2 × 2 plot and put the water of each cube in a corner (the corners have to be opposite). At this time you can collect water and you will never run out of it.

Mineral guide

Diamond : It is the most precious mineral in the game because with it we can create more durable and efficient peaks, swords and armor. We will find diamond between layer 5 and layer 12 , but you will need to be patient to find it. Be careful with the lava, because sometimes you can dig so much that it may appear and you will get chickens alive. Gold : The second most searched mineral in Minecraft. We will find it between layer 32 and 35 , although more easily in layer 32. Once we find it, we will have to melt it in the oven to be able to use it. Iron : One of the most useful minerals to create good armor, after the diamond. We can find it mainly in layer 64 mainly, and also between layers 65 and 67. Coal: Despite being one of the most common minerals, we will need it many times to create torches and to operate the oven. It is found from layer 128 , virtually anywhere. Lapis Lazuli : Once you find it you can use it directly without having to treat it. We will find it between layers 23 and 25 . Red stone : We can use it directly from nature and it will allow us to improve our armor and weapons. It is found from layer 12 , although it will be frankly difficult to get hold of it.

Get the item you want

/ give {X} {Y} {Z} In {X} you must enter the name of your Minecraft character. The {Y} refers to the name of the object you intend to obtain. While with {Z} you will indicate the total amount to receive.

Teleport to any location

/ teleport character {X} {Y} Replace 'character' with the name of the protagonist. The X and Y values must be respectively the following: The value {X} is the shift to the right - in positive - or to the left, in the latter case in negative. The letter {Y} refers to forward or backward movement, and you must enter a negative number again if you intend to move south. Whatever the numbers you enter, the trick will interpret it as the number of blocks that the protagonist will be teleported. It is a type of two-dimensional teleportation. This means that you will not be able to rise, preventing you from suffering a death due to a huge and unexpected fall. However, it is likely that you will end up stuck somewhere in the mapping. / teleport character {X} {Y} {Z} If you are not afraid to fall from a multitude of meters, with the consequent death of the protagonist, this trick is ideal for you. In this case, the values {X} {Y} {Z} are the coordinates you want to address.

Appearance of creatures or characters

/ summon {W} {X} {Y} {Z} Change the letter {W} so you want it to appear in front of the protagonist. The values {X}, {Y} and {Z} are optional. If you enter them, indicate the coordinates in which the creature or character will suddenly appear as if it were an invocation.


/ enchant {X} {Y} {Z} Enchantments are a hallmark of Minecraft. If you want to apply them easily enter this code and modify the variables as follows. Replace {X} with the character's name. The value {Y} can have two different values: the spell ID or its name. Finally, {Z} is the level that will present the enchantment that will take place. Keep in mind that it is not essential to enter the Z value , although it is recommended to do so to maximize the result obtained.

Modify game parameters

/ difficulty easy The game will be very simple. / normal difficulty Activates the 'normal' difficulty. / difficulty hard Maximum difficulty. Only for the most daring. / difficulty peaceful Mode without enemy attacks. Ideal for beginners. / gamemode 3 Access the 'Spectator' mode to fly freely through the scenarios. / gamemode 2 Play Minecraft for PC in 'Adventure'. Prohibition of dealing with blocks, while weapons and objects are only usable for the purpose of attacking enemies. / gamemode 1 Instantly activate the 'Creative' mode to shape all kinds of structures. / gamemode 0 Enjoy 'Survival', the original game mode. / weather rain Rainy weather across the stage. / weather thunder A multitude of lightning strikes in the rain. / weather clear The sky will be clear, without a single cloud. / time set 0 Let the sun rise little by little. / time set 6000 12 noon arrives at Minecraft. / time set 12000 Gradually the afternoon looms over the mapping. / time set night From now on it will be night in the game. / time set 18000 Set the clock right at 12 p.m. / time set day It will be day in Minecraft. / gamerule doDaylightCycle false Make the clock stop completely. There will be no day-night cycle.

Grow melons and pumpkins automatically

In the following video you can grow melons and pumpkins without worrying about keeping them.

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