Traps and tips from GTA San Andreas for Xbox

We recommend using the following tricks with caution, since the power they will give you will be very high. But what the hell, try them all and have fun that this game deserves to be enjoyed as a true king. You will become a true city ganster, without anything or anything can stop you. Enjoy the streets of San Andreas! $ 250,000, all health and armor: Add stars to the search level: All cars have nitro: Attract prostitutes: Prostitutes pay you: Best suspension: They are all girls in bikinis: Cars fly: Cars get fired when they are hit: Chaos mode: Cars jump by pressing the left stick: Without citizens and with little traffic: Without citizens or police: Citizens attack you (cannot be removed) Battle bell (Cannot be removed) The villains are Elvis: Citizens are Asian gangsters: People on foot attack with weapons: Faster and faster cars: Faster clock: Slower playability: Increase your aim when you drive: Jetpack: All weapons: Infinite ammo: Infinite health, but explosions, falls and drowning will harm you: Suicidate: Killer Clowns: Lower the search level: Butt fat: Butt muscles: You are never hungry: Infinite Air: Super punches: Parachute: Bloodring ranger: Caddy: Dozer: Hotring racer 1: Hotring racer 2: Hunter: Hydra: Monster: Quad: Rancher: Rhino: Stretcht: Pirouette plane: Tanker: Vortex: Super jumps with the bike: Super jumps: All traffic lights in green Weapon set 1: Weapon set 2: Weapon set 3: Death Vehicle: Never have police stars:       The ships fly:         Cars go through the water:       Indestructible car:          Perfect driving:        Super jumps with the bike: Maximum respect: Recruit people with gun: Sports traffic: Golf car: Some places to take any of the 50 photos: On top of the places where you eat. Also on the Great Bridge, in one of the red towers. Maps to get all the horseshoes and photographs We leave you with all the maps of the city where you will find all the points of interest with the things you can do:

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