Meet the top 10 light games for Android!

Check out our top cool games for Android. Despite their modest graphics and simple mechanics, these games are extremely addictive and focus 100% on what matters: fun. Check out the top 10 light games for Android!

1. Pocket Mortys

Pocket Mortys is a copy of the gameboy Pokémon games, but with the Rick and Morty-themed phenomenon. In Pocket Mortys you control Rick and use different Mortys to duel against various other types of Mortys, from Morty Mudinha, Morty Malvestido, Morty without eyes, etc. Battles follow the same Pokémon turn system and each Morty has specific characteristics. Pocket Mortys has a campaign mode and a multiplayer mode in which you can duel against other players.

2. Robot Unicorn Attack 2

In Robot Unicorn Attack 2 you control a robot unicorn that runs endlessly through the phase collecting fairies. The goal is to overcome obstacles by jumping or accelerating and last as long as possible to accumulate many points. With scoring, you can earn Tears (the game's currency) to upgrade and customize your unicorn. Robot Unicorn Attack 2 also has a system of daily achievements and online achievements for you to collect more coins. Most customization items are not only cosmetics, but also speed bonuses, higher jumping, etc.

3. Major Mayhem

The image above summarizes everything Major Mayhem has: action, shooting, explosion and a lot of information on the screen. In Major Mayhem you control a soldier who must advance missions while defeating ninjas, taking down helicopters, unlocking new weapons and new skills. No doubt it is an extremely fun game with lots of content to unlock.

4. Monkey Ropes

In Monkey Ropes you control a pair of monkeys tied by a rope. The goal is to advance simultaneously with the two monkeys without breaking the rope. The graphics are pretty simple but the game is a lot of fun and the difficulty increases a lot as you go. In addition there is a good range of levels and you can unlock over 50 new characters.

5. Mad Runner

In Mad Runner you control a practically parkour who has to dodge numerous obstacles to reach the end of the levels. The commands are pretty simple and you just have to walk sideways and jump. Even so, the difficulty of the game increases a lot as you pass stages and new courses are unlocked.

6. Ninjump

In Ninjump you are a wall ninja. The goal is to climb as high as possible to get the highest score. There are no stages, so the focus is to beat your own record. The commands are simple and you just have to press on the screen to jump and attack the obstacles that hit either birds or ninja throwing shurikens.

7. Chilly Snow

In Chilly Snow you are just a little ball that needs to go down a mountain of snow while avoiding obstacles. Not much to talk about, but the game is strangely addictive and enjoyable to play.

8. Shoot the Zombirds

In Shoot the Zombirds you control a pumpkin boy who needs to kill zombie birds with his arrows. The premise is very simple and there are no new stages, so the focus of the game is to beat the previous record. In Shoot the Zombirds you lose when your arrows run out. However, whenever you hit a zombie bird, you don't spend arrows. In addition, it is possible to kill more than one bird with a single arrow and earn scoring bonuses.

9. The Fish Master

As with other games on this list, it's not much to explain what makes The Fish Master so good. The game is very simple and you just need to throw your hook to catch as many fish as possible. With this, you accumulate money to upgrade your line to fish deeper and deeper.

10. Skiddy Car

Perhaps the most addictive game on this list. In Skiddy Car you control a car that needs to complete a short course while collecting coins. Despite the extremely simple commands (you just have to tap anywhere on the screen to turn the car around), the game's physics coupled with the speed of the courses makes Skiddy Car quite challenging. The game contains over 300 levels and you unlock new cars as you go. Check out the top 10 racing games for Android! Meet the top 10 shooting games for Android!

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