If you are new to Hustle Castle , we have some special tips for you. Although the game sounds simple, it is useful to know some tricks to start progressing with your builds. Hustle Castle is a strategy game similar to Fallout Shelter . Here you have to develop your castle and take care of its residents while fending off bad guys and exploring the world in adventures. Check out these tips for getting along at Hustle Castle !

1. Always use the best equipment

The equipment your residents use will greatly influence the success of your army. It also influences the other residents, but their soldiers will have the most impact on the castle's defense and its survival. You should always use the best equipment possible. In campaigns, it is also necessary to check what type of enemies you will face to choose the most appropriate equipment. So, check out the equipment you are winning, use the best items in each of the characters and always have some spare if you need to make adjustments for campaigns. Everything you need to know about Hustle Castle artifacts

2. Fill your castle with the most valuable residents

New born babies in the Living Room will look for attributes and rarity from their parents. This means that if you breed with one-star residents, you will earn a one-star baby. Therefore, it is essential that you use your most valuable residents to do so. The ideal is to take two men with more value to the living room and run the women who accompany them, because they can only get pregnant once a day. As your castle fills up, banish lesser residents to make room for new babies.

3. Improve everything to the fullest

Whenever you upgrade your Throne Room, you will gain new building options. Make sure you build everything you can, but don't forget to upgrade your buildings. Remember that as you upgrade the Barracks and Training Room, you will face opponents of the same rank. It is recommended that you start improving in this order:
  1. Quarter
  2. Training Room
  3. Refectory
  4. Treasury
  5. Pantry
  6. Safe box
Leave the longest improvements for when you go to sleep, so keep doing them at night .

4. Use food to make Arenas

If you have the maximum food resources, you can use food as currency to enter the Arenas. In Arenas, you fight other players and you can earn a coin to trade for rare equipment. This is a great way to make your warriors stronger with equipment. Learn the essentials to succeed at Hustle Castle Arena!

5. Always use the most resources

The more resources you have in your castle while offline , the greater the chances of being attacked and losing them. So it is a good idea to try to use most of them before you leave . Take the opportunity to let upgrades be made during idle times and start making them even before you hang up.

6. Join a clan

Being part of an active clan is extremely important as you will gain benefits . Keep looking for clans until you finally find one that is active and helps your progress. But don't forget to help other members too, or they may kick you out for inactivity.

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