Lego Batman cheats for PC, PS3 and PS2

Locate the Pc of the Batcave and insert the codes you prefer. ZAQ637: Alfred. KNTT4B: Bat-Tank. JKR331: Batgirl. LEA664: Bruce Wayne Private Jet. M1AAWW: Catwoman (Classical). HPL826: Catwoman's motorcycle. HJK327: Clown Goon. HGY748: Fishmonger. XVK541: Freeze Girl. DUS483: Garbage truck. GCH328: Bully Helicopter. CHP735: Harbor helicopter. RDT637: Hammer Truck by Harley Quinn. WYD5CP: Invincibility. UTF782: Joker thug. YUN924: Jockey minion. JCA283: Mad Hatter. HS000W: Mad Hatter glider . M4DM4N: Mad Hatter steamboat. NYU942: Man-Bat. MKL382: Military Police. ICYICE: Iceberg of Mr. Cold. BCT229: Mr. Cold's Kart. NKA238: Penguin thug. BTN248: Penguin thug submarine. BJH782: Penguin minion. GTB899: Poison Ivy Thug. LJP234: Police motorcycle. PLC999: Police boat. KJL832: Police car. CWR732: Police helicopter. HKG984: Police shooter . JRY983: Police Officer. VJD328: Police jet ski. CRY928: Riddler's thug. XEU824: Riddler's minion. HAHAHA: Riddler's jet. TTF453: Robin's submarine. HTF114: SWAT NAV592: Sailor. JFL786: Scientist. PLB946: Security guard. JUK657: Poker Truck. EFE933: Two- sided armored truck. DWR243: Zoo sweeper. JXUDY6: Immune to cold. WYD5CP: Invincibility. XWP645: More goals for the Batarang. TTF453: Robin's submarine. BBD7BY: Blow ZOLM6N: You walk faster. 18HW07: Your score is multiplied by 10. McDonald’s Toys Enter these codes into the cheat screen. BDJ327: Bruce Wayne (from Batman's Batarang). DDP967: Commissioner Gordon (from the Poker helicopter). XWP645: More Batarang (Batbote) objectives. MVY759: Nightwing (from Robin's grapple pitcher). KJP748: Penguin minion (of the Penguin Submarine). MAC788: Police van (of the Batmobile). CCB199: The Joker (Tropical) (from the Poker Surprise). NJL412: Yeti (from Mr. Cold's projectile launcher More codes: Azrael (Red) GDE327 Bane GJQ423 Batgirl (Alternative) DJE923 Batman KHJ286 Batman (Classic II) XKD847 Batman (Classic) PWX546 Catwoman JFE642 Catwoman (Classic) CHE928 Civilians DAD822 Clayface JHZ292 QWE933 cleaners Crocodiles JAD829 Deadshot NBH743 Eco DEQ683 Workers FHD226 BVY427 Firefly Harley Quinn CHA683 Harvey Bullock HYD897 Henchman NXE782 Huntress JCE824 Huntress (Alternative) JDF983 Hush NED423 Ivy Goon GHD743 Jack-in-the-box JHC608 HUN749 concierges The Joker thug YUN924 Killer Croc ADJ938 Killer Moth HFU382 Mad Hatter JCA283 Man-Bat NYU942 Mr. Freeze NDA873 Bully of the Penguin BJH782 Minion of The Penguin NKA238 Poison Ivy DNS882 Poison Ivy (Alternative) GHX383 Police (Mind Control) MUB698 Police Sergeant FUC274 Policewoman GVE243 Police Woman (Sniper) HKG984 Enigma BNU464 Ra's Al Ghul ZWS823 Red Hood ENG764 Bully of El Enigma XEU824 Minion of El Enigma CRY928 Robin VRY832 Robin (Attraction Suit) BRM379 Robin (Classic II) NHD347 Robin (Classic) DHN547 Robin (Diving Suit) GXW623 Robin ( Imagined Suit) CEG429 Robin (Technological Suit) BRD467 Scarecrow VED483 Scientific (Anti-risk suit) CEA839 Minion diver NBU973 Security Guidance (Mind Control) controlled) ETT924 Security Officer DRT368 XRG893 Treatment Plant Workers DEG246 spoiler SWAT SXY973 SWAT (Mind Control) DRG248 Talia FET642 Creeper COK982 The Joker FDR632 The XTG329 Penguin Enigma FRY732 Two faces XDY827 Two- faced thug CFR893 Two- faced minion GUR426 The Ventrilocuo and Scarface GER846 Venus CXJ862 fly catcher

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