Arena mode in Hustle Castle is one of the most important in the game. You can battle with 14 other players in a PvP tournament (Player versus Player). Whoever gets the most points wins several medals and chests, in addition to the possibility of exchanging points for new equipment. In this tournament, having the strongest army will be essential to winning battles, however, a good strategy is that it will dictate the best results. Check out these tips for doing well at the Hustle Castle Arena !

How to participate in the Arena

You can enter one of these tournaments by betting food or a Ticket. The rewards will then change according to the item you choose. This way, when betting Tickets, you will earn better rewards than betting on food. Rewards can be rare equipment and legendary artifacts. The tournament lasts five rounds, each with 2 minutes and 30 seconds. In each round, you will have to choose an opponent to challenge in a fight to the death. The goal of the tournament is to score the most points at the end of the five rounds. There are two conditions for awarding points:
  • The longer it takes to defeat your opponent, the less points you will earn;
  • If you attack opponents positioned above you, you will earn more points.
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Learn more about brackets

Players entering the Arena will be grouped into brackets , which will depend on the average level of the fighters. A multiplayer strategy is to try to stay at low levels to farm legendary equipment before moving on to the next bracket . This way, it is easier to farm the next bracket . However, this is recommended only if you are in a bracket above level 40 , as lower levels only offer equipment that quickly becomes obsolete. The number of points you can earn in the tournament will also depend on the level of your bracket . In addition, the higher your level and your Training Room, the higher the levels of available brackets .

Best strategies

There are two major strategies used by players during tournaments. It is necessary to keep in mind that these are not infallible and will depend on the circumstances you encounter.


If you are one of the strongest players in the tournament, you can use this strategy to take advantage of your position.
  • In the first two rounds , you should look for opponents placed below you and with a power close to yours. What we want here is not to move up the rankings too fast.
  • In the 3rd and 4th rounds , the objective is to start climbing the classification to position yourself near the top. You must attack opponents above your position, taking advantage of the rule that dictates that you earn more points by defeating better ranked opponents. Always choose the worst positioned element. Attention, we don't want to reach the end of the 4th round in the first place!
  • In the 5th round , it is choosing the opponent who is better positioned above us and who, potentially, will give us more points. So choose the one with the weakest power. Remember, the faster you beat him, the more points you will earn.


This strategy involves not playing the first round of the arena and is for players who are not that strong. This is because we cannot guarantee that weaker opponents will be above your rank if you play the first round. So, you are placed last, but you know that you will fight weaker opponents who will give you more points for being in ranks above. This will make up for the failure of the first round, due to the bonus points, and without drawing attention to you. The disadvantage of this strategy is that we no longer receive one of the badge bonuses.

Basic Tips

In addition to the two great strategies, there are other basic tips that all players should follow. The first big tip is to observe the power of other players to define a strategy, to know which players you can attack. Another tip is to observe the results of other players' attacks. If someone attacked me and lost, if I attack him, possibly he will lose again. It is extremely useful, if in doubt if you have enough power to defeat the guy. Also find out 6 tips for doing well at Hustle Castle! This document was composed with the free HTML converter which can be accessed here. Use it every time for document editing.

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