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There is no doubt that the biggest news of Dota Underlords in relation to Auto Chess is the item system. Players no longer need to count on luck to drop or not the equipment since, now, in each round against won creeps, a list of items is presented for the player to choose one and assemble his build. Another interesting change is that now each hero can only be equipped with one item, which can be removed and equipped on another hero at any time. In addition, items shown in square icons are called "global items", and are kinds of talents that the player acquires and do not need to be equipped on any specific hero. Below you will see the complete list of all Dota Underlords items. Check out!

First-rate items

Item It is made
Abundance Neutral rounds offer one more item to purchase
Vitality Amplifier +250 Life
Serene Boots + 100% Movement Speed. +16 Health Regeneration
Martyr's Brooch + 50% mana obtained when taking damage
Cover + 15% Magic Resist
Claymore +21 Attack Damage
Chainmail +10 Armor
Momentum Gloves +20 Attack Speed
Rusty Stone The target receives -3 Armor.
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Second category items

Item It is made
Translocation Dagger Teleports behind enemy lines at the start of the battle, going to the furthest enemy from the equipped hero and providing 50 mana (15s cooldown)
Arcane Boots When the carrying hero has more than 50% mana, restores 25 mana from allies within 1 house. (Once in battle)
Aggressor's Brooch + 100% mana obtained from attacks
Force Staff Pushes an enemy unit 6 squares in a random direction (10 sec cooldown)
Smuggler The quality of the items offered in rounds of neutrals are 1 wave higher
Lifetime Contract The equipped unit participates in the Blood Pact, in addition to its other types
Blade Quota Deals 30% of damage taken to attacker
Tighten Muscles Human Units count as Heartless when counting Alliances
Octarine Essence Reduces cooldown times by 50%
Closing the Cycle When a Druid dies, allies 1 home away receive 30% of their total lives as healing over 6 seconds
Mask of Madness Hero is silenced. + 10% Life Theft. +40 Attack Speed
Summoning Stone Friendly summoned units gain +150 Life and +30 Attack Speed
On the bright side Earn 1 charge by winning a battle. When losing a battle, if there are charges, earn 1 gold and lose 1 charge
Aegis of Immortality Prevents the next loss of life and destroys the Aegis. Victory streams are preserved
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Third category items

Item It is made
Hood of Audacity + 50% Magic Resist. +10 Health Regeneration
Highest Class Criminal The store considers that you are one level up when offering units
Skull Crusher +25 Attack. 25% chance to stun targets for 1.5s
Mekansm When the carrier hero has less than 50% health, heals 250 health from allies up to 3 houses away. (Once per battle)
Skadi's Eye +400 Life. Slows enemies when attacking them
Holy Relic +60 Attack Damage
Dragon's Treasure Dragon Units gain 1% Attack Damage for every 1 Gold in the account at the start of the fight
Vanguard +250 Life. 50% chance to block 70 damage when attacked
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Fourth category items

Item It is made
Black Staff of Royalty The carrying hero becomes immune to spells for 7 seconds as soon as the first enemy reaches 100% mana. (Once in battle)
Pipe of Introspection + 50% magic resistance. When the first enemy reaches 100% mana, apply a shield that blocks 400 magic damage to allies 1 home away. (Once in battle)
Dagon Deals 800 damage to a random enemy unit that is 50% health or less. (Once in battle)
Friend Discount All units cost 1 less than Gold
Daedalus +80 Attack Damage. 30% chance to deal critical damage (235% damage)
Vyse's scythe When the equipped hero takes damage, transform the attacking unit into a pig for 4s (15s cooldown)
Lunar Shard +80 Attack Speed
Battle Fury Melee only. Melee attacks deal 30% damage to nearby units
Maelstrom On attack, 25% chance to activate chain lightning, inflicting 100 damage to 4 targets.
Restorative Orb Reset all cooldowns and restore 50 mana after using an ability. (Once in battle)
Fierce Pretentiousness Your units deal 1 damage to opponents if they lose to you. (Includes invocations)
Splendor Burn enemies up to 2 spaces away, dealing 60 damage per second

Fifth category items

Item It is made
Heart of Tarrasque +1000 health. Regenerates 2% of its maximum health every 1 second
Combat Chestguard The carrying hero and adjacent allies gain +15 Attack Speed and +10 Armor. Adjacent enemies gain -15 Attack Speed and -10 Armor
Expanded Lineup +1 to maximum units
Bloody Thorn +70 Attack Damage. When an enemy hero has more than 75% mana, silence him for 5 seconds. Attacks against the silenced hero do not miss and deal 140% critical damage. (Once in battle)
Desperate Measures Your units gain + 1% Attack Damage and + 1% mana regeneration when suffering / dealing damage for every 5 health lost by your Underlord
Shiva's Protection +10 Armor. Emits a freezing wave that strikes enemies up to 3 spaces away, dealing 250 damage and reducing their movement and attack speeds for 4 seconds. (Once in battle)
Divine Rapier +330 Attack Damage. If Divine Rapier is in combat and you are defeated by another player on your board, he stays with her
Recruiter The first exchange for each round is free

Alliance Items

Item It is made
Elusive Targets Elusive units have 100% dodge during the first [2/3/4] seconds of a battle
Pocket Sand Assassins blind enemies 1 space away from where they land for [1/2/3] seconds (50% chance to miss and 50% less mana for damage)
Coordinated Attack Troll units provide + [10/20/30] attack speed to allies within 1 home range
Unknown Companions Demon Hunters gain + [30/40/50]% Pure Damage for each different friendly Demon unit
Plucking the Shaman Units that attack a Shaman have a [7/12/17]% chance of being turned into a chicken
Closing the Cycle When a Druid dies, allies 1 home away receive [3/5/7]% health per second as healing (lasts 6 seconds)
Hunter's Focus Hunters deal an additional [5/7/10]% attack damage to each other Hunter who is attacking the same target
Creation Source Primordial Units summon a [1/2/3] level Appearance upon death. Appearances are weaker Primordial units that do not summon Appearances
Forged in Battle Corpulent Units start the round with + [25/50/75] Maximum Life for each enemy unit they have already killed
Claws and Teeth Wild Units apply an accumulating bleed of [7/10/13] damage per second when attacking
Cavalry Age Other units receive [7.5 / 10 / 12.5]% physical and magic damage reduction for each Knight 1 house away
Unstoppable Warriors survive for another [1/2/3] seconds after taking a fatal blow
Wicked Pretentiousness Opponent healing is reduced by [10/15/25]% for each single Heartless unit you have
Unstable Reactor Allied inventors explode on death, inflicting [10/20/30]% of their maximum damage life to all enemies within 1 house.
Final Resource Magical units reset the cooldown and recover all mana when they are below [10/20/30]% health
Retaliation Units that attack Scaled units suffer [30/45/60] damage per second for 3 seconds. The duration is reset with each new attack against a Scaled unit
Soul-Siphon Siphon Units 1 Witch House away take healing [25/35/50]% of all damage caused by skills and items as healing
Dragon's Treasure Dragon Units gain [0.5 / 1 / 1.5]% Attack Damage for every 1 Gold in the account at the start of the fight
Search the Bodies Withered units have a [10/20/30]% chance to generate 1 Gold when killing an enemy
Indomitable Will Negative effects last [25/50/75%] less in Human units
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