In GTA 5 Online , your main goal is to make quick money to buy good vehicles and weapons to defend against other players.

Maybe you are playing for the first time or coming back after a big break and need to catch up. Either way, check out these tips for becoming the most powerful guy in the game!

Save money

When you are starting to play GTA Online , it seems like every other player lives on buying powerful cars and spectacular homes, but that doesn't mean you should do the same.

You should not buy an apartment right away, it is best to wait until you have enough money to buy a large house, which allows you to organize more elaborate robberies .

The same goes with the garages. Why spend money on a giant self-contained garage when you still have space in the one that came with your apartment?

Another situation you should avoid is buying new weapons as soon as they are released. They will rarely replace your favorite weapons, so it's a waste of money - and you need it for more important things.

Eventually you'll have enough money to buy anything you want, but for now try to prioritize what's most useful.

Always be in touch with your bank

It is very important that you create this habit from the beginning, because if you do not do this you risk being arrested or, worse, being stolen by another player , losing all your winnings.

Use your mobile phone and the Maze Bank app to deposit your winnings as soon as possible and thus avoid ruin.

Start from the bottom: Steal convenience stores

Stealing these stores is not the safest way to make money. But with a minimally decent vehicle and perhaps with the help of a friend, this is perhaps the fastest way to make money during the early days.

Be sure to save your money before each theft, because if you get arrested you will lose everything you have earned!

The used business: steal cars and sell them

Selling cars is probably the fastest and easiest way to make money on GTA Online . The only problem with this method is that you can only sell a car every 48 hours . But if you can manage your time well, it's a good way to make easy money.

Mod stores typically buy stolen cars for 10% of their retail price. As some cars sell more than others, you have to know which models are the best to invest .

Complete daily goals

Every day you have access to three objectives and if you complete them you get a reward of $ 25,000. Usually these missions are very simple and quick to do and if you take them every day, you will end up earning $ 175,000 per week .

But there is a monthly limit of $ 1,580,000 that you can earn through these goals. Only complete missions until you reach this maximum and set them aside until the following month.

Accept the contact missions offered

In GTA Online , several main story characters will contact you to offer job opportunities. This is also a good way to make money as rewards are usually between $ 18,000 and $ 23,000 .

Be honest: get jobs

Getting jobs at GTA Online is one of the most consistent and fun ways to earn money. These jobs range from fighting to racing and you will get a lot of money.

The amount of money and experience of the rewards also varies according to your performance on each job.

To get these missions, you can search the map or, in an easier way, the quick menu of jobs .

Enjoy weekend events

Rockstar Games is always promoting weekend events at GTA Online . They vary, but all give great rewards in money and experience .

Typically, these events are announced on Fridays and double the rewards for jobs, races and matches you participate in over the weekend.

Also, because it is very important for you to save money, there are huge discounts on properties, vehicles and weapons that you should enjoy during these events.

Is it worth it to be a gang leader or a CEO?

It may seem like a lot of fun to become a CEO or a gang leader, but you should avoid this early on as you will need to invest a lot .

When you venture out as CEO, you will have access to import and export vehicles and that will make you very rich. But these missions imply a big investment and a big danger of losing all your money.

From your terminal, you can buy expensive cars that you then have to deliver to a warehouse. If you are not very careful, your car could be damaged or even stolen by other players.

If performed well, these tasks can make you one of the richest players in GTA Online, but always think about the associated risks .

The problem of big heists

Big heists are one of the best ways to get rich, but also one of the most dangerous ways.

Before you get into one of these robberies, make sure you can survive long shootings. It is best to wait until you go up some levels for more life and endurance and also access to better weapons and bulletproof vests .

The best strategy for heists to work is to form a good team with whom you have good coordination.

Invest in the Stock Exchange

At GTA Online you have access to the BAWSAQ stock exchange. Here, all investments and stocks of all players will influence market fluctuations.