The world of Minecraft is full of possibilities at the service of your imagination. But before you can build your pixel empire, you have to learn the basics first. Learn how to build one of the most useful elements of the game: the fence.

The importance of the fence

Building a fence allows players to demarcate an area to keep mobs inside (with animals, for example) or to protect a space from aggressive mobs. Fences prevent other players and mobs from entering your space.

How to make a wooden fence?

Let's now teach how to easily build a wooden fence. You will need six wooden boards of the same type to make the fence. For the recipe to work, do not mix different types of wood.

1. Build six wooden planks

Place a block of wood on the manufacturing grid and get four boards. Repeat the process to get more boards of the same wood. Four of the boards will be used for the fence and two will be turned into sticks.

2. Create two sticks of the same wood

Place two planks on the manufacturing grid, one in the center and one at the bottom. Through this process you get four sticks.

3. Join the boards and kindling to create the fence

Now that you have the necessary planks and sticks, you just have to position the objects correctly. In the grid, place a stick in the center, a board on your left, and a board on the right. Repeat this process in the bottom row. This recipe creates three pieces of the fence.

How to build a wooden gate?

Your fence is built, but you will need a gate to come and go as you please. To fabricate a gate, follow the steps above for planks and kindling. When you have the necessary parts, place a board in the center and a stick on each side. Make a line like this below and you will be able to create a wooden gate.

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