Learn how to build your dream home in The Sims 4

When you start a new game for The Sims 4 , one of the essential things is to get a home for your family to live. In the beginning, you have little money, so you need to choose well whether you want a house already built or furnished or if you prefer to start with an empty lot where you can create your own home. Check out this guide to learn how to build your home in The Sims 4 !

Buying a house

If you want to start with something simpler, you can buy one of the houses already in the game. The price depends on the size of the house and the lot, so don't expect much from the cheapest houses. When choosing a house to your liking, you can choose to move with the house already furnished and equipped or empty. If it is already furnished, it will cost about 25% more than the original price, but at least you don't have to worry about shopping during the early days, as it will bring the basic items for your family's survival. In any case, the beds, bathtubs and toilets that are included are always of low quality , so they should be replaced by superior models as soon as possible to improve your Sims' quality of life. Check out 5 games like the Sims for weak PC!

Buying a residential lot

When a new game starts, you can choose to buy an empty lot to build your own home. There aren't many available, but it's the best way to really start from scratch. If there is another lot that you really like, but that is occupied, you can demolish that building so that the land is empty and available for purchase and construction. To do so, simply select “Demolish Batch” in the World Manager. When you get a plot, you are ready to start building the house of your dreams. Learn how to make money in The Sims 4 without using codes!

Building a house

After moving your family to the lot you bought, it's time to access the construction mode using the F2 key. There, you can choose the icons corresponding to each essential part of the building, from walls, ceilings, doors or windows. All of these elements will appear on the right side of the screen, ready to be selected. The panel at the top of the screen is very important, as it allows you to use object selection tools so that you can move or sell them, choose decoration patterns, and a hammer to remove any element you no longer want. Finally, the drawing tool allows you to change the patterns of an item you have purchased, which is very useful for combining colors within a room.


When building walls, you have the chance to do it individually or a room at once. There are also other predefined formats that help to build rooms other than the common square or rectangle. Left-click on the location where you want to build and drag it to the side you want to expand the wall or room. The various modalities work in exactly the same way.

Doors and windows

These items are critical to making your home livable. Fill the walls with windows to let light into the house and make it more inviting, and use doors to move from room to room efficiently. You have several different types of doors and windows to choose from. Some doors are clearly entry doors, while others seem more appropriate for the interior, but ultimately, you choose. Like the windows, which can let more or less light into the rooms.

Different floor and wall materials and patterns

You can also choose different materials to decorate your walls and floors. In addition to depending on your own taste, you have to pay attention to your sim's personality type to make him feel comfortable. When selecting one of these patterns, press shift to cover an entire surface at once and thus facilitate decoration. Don't forget the exterior walls! Learn how to download and install custom content in The Sims 4!


It is easy to build the roof if your house is square or rectangular, just drag the item to the ideal size. If the house is irregularly shaped, then you will have to use more than one roof to cover the whole house. You can also choose the height of the roof by dragging the arrow that points upwards when going up or down. In this way, you can choose to have a pointed or completely flat roof.

Expanding your home

Sooner or later, you will need to expand your home, either because of the growing family or simply because you want bigger housing. And this is possible to do in The Sims 4 without needing any demolition. The first thing to do is to add the new rooms and rearrange the existing ones. These extra walls are built in the same way as the original ones, raised adjacent to the existing walls. Don't forget to also adjust the roof at the end!

Move the house

Assuming you have built a house or bought it and it is in the center of the lot, you may need to move it to make room for expansion. In that case, it is possible to move the entire building. In the main panel, you just need to select the move icon and then select the square to move it to wherever you want within your lot.

Create a new floor

You can create new floors in your home. The first thing to do is to remove your roof with the removal tool. Then, it is necessary to place some stairs to access the upper floor. Think carefully about where you will build the stairs, as they occupy a good space. Now, you just have to build the rooms you want on the top floor in exactly the same way you did for the original floor. Finally, add the windows, doors, decorations and the new roof to complete your new home! Meet the 12 best MODS from The Sims 4!

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