In almost all RPG games, your character's powers and abilities are the key to success. Everything you do to improve your equipment and attributes is of no use if you don't have the skills to help you. In Path of Exile , you can only gain these powers through gems, which can be collected in a variety of ways. Find out what kind of gems you have in the game and how to use them to get along!

Different types of Gems

In Path of Exile , you will find two types of Gems: Ability and Support . The former will grant new powers for your character to use in battle. The latter are used to improve the attributes of Skill Gems when placed on the same piece of armor or weapon. There are currently 205 different skill gems and 108 support gems in Path of Exile . Some of the most popular and powerful granted abilities are Volcanic Strike, Fire Trap, Impacting Jump, Spectral Throw and Decoy Totem.

How to win them

In Path of Exile , you can earn Gems in several ways.
  • Enemies: there is a chance to obtain Gems whenever you kill enemies during your adventures.
  • Vendors: Some of the merchants you find around the world can sell Gems. Take a close look at the prices of all the sellers in a village before you spend your precious gold.
  • Missions: some missions can reward you with Gems.

How to equip them

Your armor and weapons will have slots available where you must place your Gems. Each slot has a color and the stone to be placed must be the corresponding color. When inserting a Skill Gem, you will have this power available to use only if you keep the piece equipped . It is possible to add up to five Support Gems to a Skill Gem to improve it, depending on the free spaces that each piece has. Once the Gems are equipped, you will find the new skills in the bottom right corner of the screen. There, you can select the ones you want to use in battle.

How to improve them

Just like your character, Gems can level up and this improves their attributes. As you venture out into the world, Gems that are currently equipped will also gain experience. When they are ready to upload, you have to select the indicator on the right side of the screen. Learn 8 essential tips for beginners in Path of Exile

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