The creators of Free Fire released a UAV in the game. This drone is a new feature, appears at random and identifies your position, as well as the position of your enemies within the area where you are operating. Learn all about UAV and learn how to take advantage of it with our tips.

What is this about UAV?

UAV means Unmanned Aerial Vehicle , which translates to Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Basically, it is simply a drone that in Free Fire serves to detect the movements of players. It is small and flies very high, but without covering a very large area, always in motion. The drone is completely random, it can appear at any time in the game, anywhere on the island. There is a warning whenever it goes into action, just as the area it is covering appears in yellow on the map. If you get close to the drone, you can even hear its propellers working. In this yellow zone, watched by the drone, all players (including you) are detected, with the position appearing in red. The drone cannot be controlled by the player.

Use the mini map to spot the drone

Many players do not use the mini map taking out when it is to observe their position. But the mini map always manages to provide correct information, in real time of various dangers such as Radiation, Bombing and the position monitored by the UAV / Drone as well as enemy shots and the approach of vehicles.

Use the drone to your advantage

The drone can help you detect enemies , especially that camper who loves to keep an eye out, just by looking through SKS optics. Remember to stay out of the detection zone (in yellow) and as soon as you notice the position of the enemies, send a lot of bullets or even a headshot. After all, kindness is very important.

Was detected?! No problem

If detected by the drone, move quickly, using a sprint, changing direction abruptly to avoid being hit, and seek shelter , preferably outside the detection zone. Even better if you can escape with a vehicle. When in doubt, get ready to fight. The drone is a double-edged sword, everyone can be detected inside the zone.

Shoot down the drone

If the drone appears on the piece during the final circles and / or limits its movement, why not shoot it down? If you have a sniper or similar weapon available, try aiming and shooting at the drone . However, remember not to alert your presence by shooting in the open field. And if you’re short of ammunition, don’t even think about it. It is not worth the risk. Eliminating the drone does not count as a kill.

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