Learn all about Season 13 of Free Fire!

Started the 13th season of Free Fire! Seasons last about 30 to 70 days and allow players to compete in ranked matches. You go up or down rank according to your score.

  • Season Start: January 2, 2020
  • End of season: March 2, 2020
As with all seasons, in addition to rising rank, the player's battlefield ability is rewarded with items, supplies, and coins that can be used in the game store. Check out our guide and find out what you can win this new season, as well as the patent that will start this year!

Points and Rewards Table

Patent Points Rewards
Bronze I 1000 1000 coins
Bronze II 1100 1 Airdrop, 1 Scanner; 5 Tokens, 1000 coins
Bronze III 1200 1 Bonfire, 1 Treasure Map, 10 Tokens, 1000 coins
Silver I 1300 Silver Band, 2 Airdrop, 20 Tokens, 1500 Coins
Silver II 1400 1 Airdrop, 2 Treasure Maps, 30 Tokens, 1500 Coins
Silver III 1500 1 Bonfire, 2 Scanners, 40 Tokens, 1500 Coins
Gold I 1600 Gold Band, Gold Jacket, 50 Tokens, 2000 Coins
Gold II 1725 50% Uppar XP card; Gold coupon, 70 Tokens, 2000 coins
Gold III 1850 2 Bonfires, 2 Airdrops, 90 Tokens, 2000 Coins
Gold IV 1975 2 Airdrops, 2 Treasure Maps, 110 Tokens, 2000 Coins
Platinum I 2100 Platinum Band, 50% Uppar XP Card, 150 Tokens, 2500 Coins
Platinum II 2225 2 Bonfires, 2 Gold Coupons; 200 Tokens, 2500 Coins
Platinum III 2350 3 Scanners, 2 Airdrops; 250 tokens; 2500 coins
Platinum IV 2475 3 Gold Coupons; 3 treasury maps; 300 Tokens, 2500 Coins
Diamond I 2600 Diamond Band, 50% more Gold Card, 350 Tokens, 3000 Coins
Diamond II 2750 3 Bonfires, 2 Boxes, 425 Tokens, 3000 Coins
Diamond III 2900 3 treasure maps, 3 boxes, 525 tokens, 3000 coins
Diamond IV 3050 3 Airdrops, 3 Gold Coupons, 625 tokens, 3000 coins
Master 3200 Master Band, Master T-shirt, 750 Tokens, 5000 coins, Master Wallpaper
Challenger Top 300 Challenger Avatar and Wallpaper

Season patent

Whenever a season begins, according to the rank he achieved last season, the player will start at a lower rank and lose some points.
  • If finished between Bronze I to III, in the new season will start in Bronze I with 1000 points.
  • If finished between Silver I to III, in the new season will start in Bronze II with 1175 points.
  • If it finished between Gold I to IV, in the new season it will start in Silver I with 1350 points.
  • If it finished between Platinum I to IV, in the new season it will start in Silver II with 1500 points.
  • If it ended between Diamond I to IV, in the new season it will start in Gold I with 1650 points.
  • If finished in Mestre, in the new season will start in Gold II with 1750 points.

How to skyrocket patent

To move up your rank quickly, it is essential to be very consistent in the way you play. In addition, it is important to try to achieve the following objectives:
  • Eliminate enemy players
  • Revive teammates
  • Damage enemies or vehicles / barrels
  • Get a good rating in each match
  • Survive longer
  • Accomplish daily missions
Ideally, try to strike a balance between eliminations and a good position. If you eliminate 10 players but get knocked out early in the match, you may have a lower score than a player with 3 eliminations who made it to the top 5.

Fire pass

Each season there is a fire pass, which can be Free or Elite. Of course, the elite pass offers a lot more cool stuff like weapon and character skins, coins etc. To pick up Pass items, you must complete each season's challenges or quests that provide tokens. Then just use the tokens in the pass. To see what you can win, slide the menu all the way down.

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