In GTA 5 , the map is so vast that you will need a very stylish and powerful car to get around. There is a wide variety of cars and other types of vehicles that can be bought or stolen, some more difficult to find. Check out this guide to rare cars and other exotic vehicles that you can pick up in the game.

Space Docker

To get a Space Docker, you need to obtain 50 Spaceship Parts .


It is not possible to buy this vehicle, you will have to look for it near the Lighthouse . He will be standing in a house with a bush in that location.

Nagazaki Blazer

Go to the SSASuperAutos website and buy this vehicle for $ 8,000 or try to steal it at Sandy Shores .


This vehicle can be purchased for $ 45,000 at Or try to catch it near Vespucci Beach .


If you progress through the game, you will have the opportunity to purchase a Sonar Dock for $ 250,000. Then you get the submarine to help you find collectibles.

P-996 Leisure

This jet cannot be bought, you have to steal it from Fort Zancudo . Don't forget to have a hangar where you can leave it later!

FIB SUV and FIB Buffalo

Any of these police vehicles cannot be bought, only stolen. These, in particular, can be found in the Grand Senora Desert , near the satellite disks, at 10 am.


This car is extremely expensive, but if you are willing to spend the money, you can buy it at for $ 10,000,000.

Ranger SUV

This vehicle cannot be purchased either. You have to go to the Vinewood sign and pick up whatever is parked in the area.


Like the submarine, you need to buy the Dock to access a mission that will make this vehicle available.

Unmarked Police Cruiser

To get this vehicle, you need to go out at night. It will be parked at the subway station near Olympic Fwy in Strawberry.


Buy this car for $ 1,000,000 at or try to pick it up southwest of Ponsonbys , near Portola Drive in Rockford Hills. If you like fast cars, check out the 10 fastest cars in GTA V and where to get them!

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