In Fornite - Battle Royale , you can access better serves by unlocking more categories. To unlock them, you need to level up. The categories and ranking in Fortnite Battle Royale are a multifaceted system and it takes a while to fully understand it. Especially for an initiated player, all this talk of ranked, stars, categories and battle pass can be very confusing. But don't be afraid, we've made a super complete guide for you to know everything you need to get to the top quickly.

Earn experience points (EXP)

There are several ways to earn experience points (EXP) in Fortnite. Of course, playing often is one of them. The EXP you receive for a given match depends on your survival time, the eliminations you achieved and whether you got very high in the overall ranking. If you take Victoria Royal, you'll get even more EXP. Experience points are essential to level up .


Another way to gather XP is to meet the daily and weekly challenges . These are available immediately and can be eliminating players with a certain type of weapon, participating in specific game modes, looking for chests, dancing in marked locations and much more. Meeting these challenges will greatly increase your EXP.

Battle Pass

In each season there are passes. You can use the Free Pass or the Battle Pass . The Free Pass is free. The Battle Pass needs to be purchased and obviously allows access to many other cosmetic content, emotions, dance moves and your EXP points are doubled. You need to buy a new pass at the beginning of each season to be able to access the different categories .

Battle Stars

Battle stars are symbols of the progress a player takes whenever he level up this season . Whenever you upgrade, you get a battle star that you can use to unlock categories and get more loot . Remember that:
  • Whenever you pass 5 levels (5, 10, 15, 20 etc.) you receive 5 battle stars
  • Whenever you pass 10 levels (10, 20, 30, 40 etc.) you receive 10 battle stars
After a certain point in the Battle Pass, it is possible to get an XP bonus, which in turn increases the chance of getting battle stars and so on. You keep all the cosmetic content you earn in the season.

Tips for quickly moving up a category

Complete the challenges

As already mentioned, meeting daily and weekly challenges increases your XP very quickly. Don't forget to check them out in the home menu.

Open the chests and ammo boxes

The more chests and boxes you open, the more EXP points you will earn. Even if you have the complete loot, don't forget to open these treasures. Your EXP will thank you.

Make lots of kills

It is very beautiful to be out on the field or avoiding a confrontation and you can even reach the final rounds without shooting, but in order to advance in your career (and to improve your skill), you need to get kills. Make a few matches for this purpose, if you prefer. Over time, you'll be able to get well placed and get some really cool kills.

Play with friends

In addition to making it easier and more fun to play with friends, there is a possibility to get a 10% XP bonus on each match, but only if all friends in the squad have the Battle Pass.

Buy the Battle Pass

If you want to move up fast, the easiest way is to buy the Battle Pass. Purchasing the pass will get you 50% more XP per game, which will raise your category like never before. Unfortunately, real money is needed to buy the pass. Want to buy the battle pass? Learn how to win V-bucks without tricks

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