Something very common in the life of PC gamers is to check if a game runs on your machine. Some, by the way, do not do this and risk it, not knowing if they have the minimum configuration to play. What ends up causing Luckily for you, there are many tools for that today! One of the best is Can you run it , developed by programming professionals. It's super simple and can save you from spending on games that won't work. And in this article we’ll teach you how to use it to your advantage. In addition to it, there are websites that provide you with the minimum and recommended requirements for each game. This does not directly say if your PC runs the titles, but at least it gives an idea of the power that a particular game requires from the machine.

Can you run it: website analyzes your PC and detects if it runs the game

The first tool is Can you run it . The site is all in English, but there is no problem, as it is very intuitive. When you access it, you will see a space to search for the name of the game you want to run. Once you find it, click on " can you run it ". An initial information will appear, being a summary of what the game is. But the most important is what comes next. The site shows the minimum and recommended requirements for playing the title. We used Assassin's Creed Odyssey as an example , as you can see above. Right after, you will receive some tips from the site on how to improve your PC to run the game. This is great, as you can analyze what needs to be changed in your settings, if you really need to do this.

Detection application scans your machine

But the magic occurs when you click on Can you run it again. This will take you to a second screen. You will download a detection application, which will scan your PC and tell you if the game you want to play runs easy on your machine or not. The coolest thing is that the website says if the computer reaches the minimum and recommended settings. In addition, it shows requirement by requirement what is the power of your PC in relation to what is required. This way you can decide if it is worthwhile or not to purchase a particular game. All of this analysis is safe and reliable. Since you need to download an application to the PC, your protection system will check the file and prevent any bad changes from being made. So rest assured! This is the best way for you to know if your computer is ready to run a certain game!

Sites for game settings

Can you run it is simply the best to know if a game runs on your PC, as it analyzes your machine and compares it to the games you want to play. But if you want something simpler, like just knowing the requirements of the games, it's also possible. Usually in online stores you find these infos, however sometimes they are incomplete. Below we have separated 3 sites that you can use to have this data reliably.

1. Steam

Believe it or not, Steam is a great source of information to find out if your PC runs a particular game. This game marketing platform has an absurd database, with information on practically all titles that it makes available to players. The downside, of course, is that only Valve games and those on Steam have information about the minimum and recommended settings. If you want a super independent title that is not available on the website, you will have to go elsewhere to look for the information. In addition to Steam, you have other great sites that provide this data and make comparisons with other games. Here are a few:

2. Game System Requirements

This is a very interesting option. The look is very old, but the site works which is a beauty. It will show the minimum and recommended settings at first. Below you can enter the settings of your own PC, which will indicate if your machine will run the game you want. Like Steam, this site has a huge database. It has the latest games , as well as titles with more than a decade of release. It's great for those who know the machine itself in terms of configuration.

3. VG Requirements

This site is the simplest of all. It gives only the minimum and recommended game requirements, without any additional information. Its advantage is that it is linked to a forum system, in which several users comment on the titles you are looking for. This ends up allowing you to talk to them about your gaming experiences. You can tell, for example, if someone has a machine similar to yours and what it was like to play a particular game on it. Discover the best games for those with a weak PC!

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