A fundamental part of the Clash of Clans experience is to prepare your defense system. Even if you don't directly participate in battles against invaders at your base, these invasions occur every day. In order not to lose precious items, such as Gold and Elixir, you must therefore be prepared to withstand attacks from any type of enemy. In this sense, the basic layouts are of great help. There are several ways to structure your buildings, walls and defense and attack units. But for you to be able to resist enemy invasions, it takes more than that. And in this article we show you everything you need to know to sleep peacefully, knowing that your defenses are well posted.

1. Learn all about the game's defense units

The defense units are available gradually, as your village evolves. Knowing them in depth makes it easier when setting up your defensive structure. Not everyone knows, for example, that some of these units attack only the ground, others only the air and a portion attacks both. They may still have preferred targets, in addition to the damage they cause splitting into a single target, multiple targets or an entire area. Therefore, bases that are not careful to correctly distribute their defense units are often an easy target for invasions. Study each one and make the most of your attack potentials. Don't forget that you can still place traps and bombs, both outside and inside the walls. Certain heroes are also of great help in defending the kingdom, especially those who cannot be killed, such as King Barbarian. Here is a table with some examples of defense units:
unity Target Damage
Cannon Ground unity
Archers Tower Soil and Air unity
Mortar Ground Area
Wizard's Tower Soil and Air Area
Air defense Air unity
Hidden Tesla Soil and Air unity
Hell Tower Soil and Air Units
X-beast Soil and Air unity

2. Define your defensive priorities

Clash of Clans is a strategy game, which requires constant thinking from players. And thinking about your priorities when defending yourself is essential. There are those who do not want, for example, to lose Trophies. Many focus on defending their deposits, while some are more concerned with preventing the enemy from earning three stars at the end of their invasion. Reflecting on this is the first step to be taken, even before the effective construction of the base. This is because defining what type of defense you want to have will reflect on how the walls, defense units and even buildings will be arranged on the stage.

How to protect resources?

Resources are often the primary target of enemy attacks. Whoever has their protection as their top priority, needs to pay attention to the disposition of the defense units. Pay attention, as there are two main ways to defend your Gold and your Elixir. Your Gold and Elixir deposits must always be close to your Town Hall and Clan Castle. This increases the chances that these buildings will not be destroyed. At the same time, it is good that they do not stick together. Try to place the towers and other short-range units glued to the walls. Further into the base, medium and long-range. Another way is to leave your town center completely exposed. Many players attack thinking only about winning trophies. They cause minimal damage, destroying only the Town Hall . The advantage of this method is that if the enemy goes straight to the Hall and destroys it, you lose a few trophies, you don't lose resources and you also gain a 12-hour protective shield. The downside is that the opponent may not be content with just winning trophies. In that case, you will lose resources too.

How to protect trophies?

To protect the trophies, your tactic should be to place the resources outside the walls. Move them as far as you can from your Town Hall . Gold, elixir and black elixir deposits, in addition to the collectors, need to be exposed. This will attract attackers. In many cases they give up attacking the rest, avoiding losing trophies. But of course you don't have to make it that easy. Traps, bombs, towers must be placed in the path of enemies. If they notice that everything is very easy, they end up interested in destroying everything they see ahead. One tactic may be to expose resources, but leave them surrounded by walls.

3. Choose the right time to evolve defense units

When defense units are upgrading , they cannot defend their base. Making this mistake is normal. Players think it is "quicker" to leave units evolving while they are not open. It is indeed true, but it leaves your base vulnerable. If you want to do this, do it only when you have the Protection Shield. Remember that they usually last 12 to 16 hours, which is enough time to evolve all units without damaging your resources and trophies.

4. Be smart when building walls

It would be very easy if you could build as many walls as you wanted. In Clash of Clans there is a limit, unfortunately. This forces you to be smart and insightful when lifting them. So prioritize what is most important to you. It is important to remember that resource deposits have 33% of their content looted in invasions. Elixir mines and collectors are other units and buildings that need to be protected, as 50% of what they keep will be taken away in a successful attack.

5. Organize buildings to prevent invasions

Invaders cannot place their troops near buildings. All buildings, with the exception of decorative ones, have a "field" around them that does not allow enemy units to drop in that region. This, if used correctly, can delay opponents' attack. So one idea is to create areas where enemy soldiers cannot drop . This will ensure more time for your defense units to attack and slow the advance of invading troops. This strategy of using buildings to block the path is good, but it may not always work. Goblins and Giants, for example, go straight to specific buildings, so that they are not affected by this tactic. So make sure you always have walls and defense units positioned in the right places.

6. View the Defense Log after an invasion

Learning from your mistakes is essential. Not every strategy works as planned, and it is often more your fault than your opponent's merit. Clash of Clans allows you to see a replay of the invasion, which is great! It is possible to analyze all errors in the organization of your defensive system, in addition to starting to study how opponents act during attacks. This is available in the Defense Log . In addition to the replay , you can see how many percent of your base has been destroyed. If you want, you can click on Revenge to attack the enemy base. If lost, see how many trophies were lost. If you won, you can see how many have been added to your collection. Learn all about the layouts of Clash of Clans ! See 6 tips to do well in the game!

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