Crow (or Crow, as many call him) is a Legendary Brawler whose main characteristics are its great range, very high movement speed (the highest in the game) and is also extremely useful in some game modes. In return, Corvo has one of the lowest HP in the game. Check out everything you need to know to play Raven in Brawl Stars below!

Characteristics of Crow attacks

Dagger : Crow throws three poisoned daggers in the desired direction. Daggers travel in a cone shape as they move away from each other. Each dagger deals damage separately, that is, the more daggers hit the target, the more damage will be dealt. Upon hitting the target, the daggers apply a poison that causes 4 damage hits, preventing any healing and ensuring vision of the affected Brawler. (Super) Rasante : Corvo jumps towards the chosen point. Upon leaving the ground, Corvo launches 14 daggers in all directions. As soon as he returns to the ground, 14 more daggers are thrown. (Star Power) Poisonous Aura : A weakening effect is added to the venom of Raven's daggers. Any poisoned opponent will deal 10% less damage during the poison's effect. (Star Power 2) Raven Vulture : Raven deals +120 damage to targets with less than 50% HP, both with its normal attack and with the Super.

Crow Attributes

Level HP Dagger Damage
1 2,400 320
2 2,520 336
3 2,640 352
4 2,760 368
5 2,880 384
6 3,000 400
7 3,120 416
8 3,240 432
9 and 10 3,360 448
Recharge time 1.4s
Reach 8.33

Tips on how to play with Raven

  • Raven is the fastest character in the game and also one of the most fragile. Therefore, all of your gameplay revolves around keeping a safe distance and adopting poison as the main source of damage.
  • Corvo is not suitable for impatient and aggressive players. The right way to use the Brawler is to play passively by applying the poison and waiting for the bar to overfill. Keep pokéing and keeping a safe distance until it’s time to kill.
  • The entire Corvo team gains insight into the poisoned opponent.
  • Corvo is a character that brings many tools to the team, so play less for yourself and try to provide support with poisonings (which prevent regeneration), baits, distractions, etc. Both Super and high mobility are conducive to this.
  • Pay attention to the HP of the opponents you are fighting with. Do not put yourself at risk by chasing someone who is going to die of poison in any way.
  • At close range, Raven is able to do a lot of damage by hitting the three daggers at the same time. However, the work of getting closer should be left to your opponents. Only try to stay close if you are sure you can kill. Although it seems, Corvo does not have a shotgun.
  • As with the normal attack, the Super deals more damage as more daggers hit the target. So whenever possible, try to use the skill as close to your opponents as possible. The same is true for your point of arrival on the ground.
  • Jumping over more fragile Brawlers using the Super is a viable strategy. However, only do this against tough characters if you have a large HP advantage.
  • Watch out for shots from your next target. If you notice that he is out of ammo, going up with the Super becomes a valid option.
  • Focus on individual combats. Isolate your opponents so that you can play multiple x1.
  • Theft mode is by far the best mode for Corvo. In the attack, play according to the tips mentioned above and when your Super is loaded, jump in the Vault. This will force opponents to back off and focus on you, giving your team plenty of room to work. In defense, play very passive and use Super as soon as it is available.
  • In Combat mode , Corvo takes a long time to destroy the vaults. Play even more passively and wait for your opponents to do some damage before attacking.
  • In Pique-Gemma mode , your main focus is to keep the opposing team poisoned to prevent them from regenerating. Thus, while they are away, their team gains control of the environment. In addition, Corvo is great for carrying most gems.
  • In Starhunt mode , Corvo is best on open maps and with as many bushes as possible. Keep an eye on your opponents' amount of stars to decide if it's worth the risk of jumping on top using Super.
  • In Fute-Brawl mode , Corvo's Super allows for several incredible plays, from passing the ball to yourself, making surprise saves or mastering unlikely passes.
Check out the power of Corvo in Fute-Brawl:

How to play against Corvo

Some tips for countering Corvo are:
  • It is possible to react to the jump of the Super de Corvo. Pay attention to the beginning of the animation and try to get as far away as possible.
  • Corvo has very useful mechanics for your team, so whenever you get the chance, choose it as a target to spend your ammo and Super.
  • Keep an eye on Corvo's shots. Although the shots do a lot of damage at close range, if he has already used up one or two ammunition, it will definitely not kill you. This is the time to press.
  • At the time of x1, prefer open places to avoid the Super.
  • If you're playing with Brawlers tanks, be as aggressive as possible, but stay tuned to the Super.
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