Tibia is one of the oldest and most respected MMORPGs available for PC. Since 1997, when it was launched, it has maintained a constant legion of fans and players. Anyone who is now starting to venture through the game's dozens of worlds, however, may be confused about how to play Tibia . After all, this game offers many possibilities for exploration and quests to perform. To help beginners get into the Tibia universe , we have prepared a set of basic tips. We will teach you how to create your account and also the avatar you will be playing with, focusing on choosing your character's class. We will give you some advice on combat, missions, events and everything you need to know at the beginning of the game.

1. Creating the account on the server and the avatar

Anyone who is used to console RPGs , finds it strange to hear about a server. It is not very common to even see games on PlayStation or Xbox that require the creation of an account on a specific server. So don't be surprised that you have to do this to play Tibia . It is a quick and simple process to do, and can be done before or after downloading the game. The first step is to create the general account on the game's official website. You must fill in typical information such as account name, email and password. On this screen, you must also choose your character's name and gender. Next, define your geographic location, which is an important training to define the server on which you will play. In that same section there is an important decision to be made. You need to decide what kind of world you want to play in relation to PvP combat . If you are just starting to play Tibia now, choose the box that says Optional PvP . This means that only if both players give consent can their avatars enter into combat. Finally, the page itself will suggest a world for you to start the game. If you want, however, you can change that. With everything ready, submit the registration. You will be transferred to another page, where it will be confirmed that the account exists. You can check here all the information you have registered. You can even delete the account whenever you want. In the section where you edit your information, you can check all 180 achievements that your avatar can have. If you have not yet downloaded the game, here is the time to do it. Once you launch the app and start the game with the account you created, it will automatically be sent to the game world. There is an option to create the character after you create the account, but it basically makes you fill in the same fields again. The only difference is that it allows you to skip the tutorial from the beginning of the game .

2. Understand the game screen

Tibia is quite friendly at the beginning, as it gives you a basic tutorial on how to start playing. But if you are a beginner, you can get confused with the information available on the game screen. There is a lot of data, and most are without any indication about its function and what it is for. In the image above it is possible to see markings at specific points on the game screen. Below you can see what each one means.
  1. Game window: here your character is centralized. It is where all the actions of the game take place. We say that it is a window seen that shows only a part of the continent you are on, with everything that is around you.
  2. Minimap: although small, it is the map that will guide your adventure through the world of Tibia . As you explore the areas and make your way, it will expand. Everything in black is what you need to find out. The buttons next to this minimap allow you to view your entire route so far. You can use zoom in and zoom out .
  3. Bar status : the bar status is easy to understand, since the information contained therein is almost always universal in RPGs. The red bar represents hit points, or Health Points , while the blue bar represents magic points, or Magic Points . The Magic Points only appear later in the game as you progress in it.
  4. Inventory: inventory is an important part of Tibia . In this case, it is even quite easy to understand your information. As it is divided into small slots for each part of the body, it is easy to view its equipment. So don't even try to play with putting a sword on the part designated to the head, as the game system does not allow it. You can also see that there is a backpack in the upper right slot , reserved only for items of this kind.
  5. Combat postures: here you can get a little confused, as there is no written or even visual indication of what these buttons do. But be aware that combat stances serve to determine how your avatar will react to enemies. Say, for example, that there is a creature nearby. If you mark an offensive posture, the avatar will follow the creature until it kills it or is killed by it.
  6. Extra buttons: there are some buttons with different functions just below the Status Bar . They serve a variety of purposes, all different from each other. So they were grouped together. See what each one does:
    • Store: as the name suggests, this is where you will buy items for your character.
    • Options: here you access the game settings.
    • Help: if you need help or have questions, click this button.
    • VIP List: a quick way to find out when your friends are online . Just add them to the list.
    • Battle: a useful button for the most offensive, as it shows a list of all players and creatures available for battle near your avatar .
    • Stop: emergency button that will stop your character immediately from doing anything you are doing the moment you press it.
    • Logout: you exit the game immediately.
  7. Console: The word console here refers to a window on the game screen that you use to communicate with players and characters controlled by the game. It is like a dialog box. There are different communication channels that you can activate.
  8. Cooldown bar : only part of the game window that you can hide. This bar shows you how long you still have to wait before you can use a spell again.
  9. Action bars: note that there are slots with "F1", "F2" and so on. These spaces serve to streamline your actions. Do you have any consumable items that you use frequently? Place in one of the action bars to facilitate its use. This works with almost any item, even with spells.

3. Use the minimap

Now that you know what all the information on the game phone means, let's get down to practice. There are many things to do in Tibia , which is great. However, you will only find your ways if you know how to walk them. To move around in the game, click with the mouse on the window where your character is. Regardless of where on the map you click, your avatar will go there. When this is not possible, the arrow of the mouse will become a prohibited sign. During your adventures, you can add tags from the places important to you on the minimap if you want to return to them. This is important because as you progress through the game, the chances of forgetting the previous paths are huge. So use the markup feature on the minimap. There are even NPCs who mark places that are important to them and that they think might interest you.

4. Explore the island of Downport to the fullest

At the end of the Tutorial you will reach Downport, a place where all players who start playing Tibia are sent . Let's say it offers a continuation of your learning. At the center of this location, for example, there is an outpost where NPCs meet to give guidance to new players . Downport is also where you can define your class, which in Tibia is called a vocation. There are four options: Knight, Druid, Sorcerer and Paladin. To choose one of them, you must go to one of the four exits of the station. Once you pass through the chosen exit, all your clothes, spells and set of items will be according to the vocation you chose. This island still has some rules that you need to know. You can only leave it, for example, when you reach level 8. But if you decide to leave Downport and go to Rookgaard, you will be prohibited from returning. In addition, everything you had in Downport will be lost forever. You are only allowed to stay on the island until level 20. After that you are required to leave for the continent permanently. When this happens, you have 5 minutes to choose your class once and for all. When time passes, you will be teleported to the temple on the mainland.

5. Choose your final vocation only after finding your style of play

It is important that you explore Downport to the fullest, as it is the perfect place for those just starting to play. It is the quickest way to get the initial game mechanics, especially movement and combat. It is on the island that you will receive your first quest , for example. Downport, however, is the place where you have to define which class you will follow throughout the game. If you have any previous experience with games of the genre, you know that this choice has a great impact on your experience. It should not, therefore, be done based simply on what vocation you think is "cool". For this reason it is important that you try all classes almost exhaustively before making the final choice. Take advantage of the Downport rules system that allows you to change classes whenever you want before level 20. It is in this experimentation that you will find your style of play. The Knight vocation, to let you know, is perfect for hand-to-hand combat, as it has enormous resistance to physical damage. Paladin is an archer, who dominates the ranged attack. It's fast and light, mastering a few simple spells. The Druid is the expert in the art of healing, being able to summon up to two creatures to assist you in combat. Finally, the Sorcerer is the master of the arcane arts, being able to master fire and electricity. Playing for hours with each class is the fastest way to arrive at a definitive choice. Believe me: making that choice from the way you play Tibia is the easiest way to not be frustrated in more difficult missions in the future.

6. Prefer to use magic and not potions to regain your life

This tip may seem strange at first, however following it is a very smart act for those who are starting to play Tibia . And we explain why. Using healing magic instead of potions is great for two reasons. First, because you train and evolve your magic attributes if you use your healing skills , especially if you are from the Druid class. Second, you will save money, as you will not buy potions. Those you eventually encounter along the way will be kept safe. Leave it to use against enemies that are really difficult and challenging. In such cases, healing spells may not be enough. With the potions stored for that purpose, your more complicated fights can become easier.

7. Equip rings to reduce damage

In Tibia there are a lot of items that you equip and get improvements. In the case of rings, rings , there are some that can even free your avatar from dying when you need it most to live. Let's say that a large part of the beginning players have never heard or will hear about these rings. That's why you're in luck. The rings are very light and take up little space. One of the best is the might ring . Every damage you take is reduced by 20%. It is an incredible item to perform many quests and even to survive hordes of enemies. There are more expensive and better rings, of course, but if you get a might it will be very good for your beginning of the journey.

8. Pay attention to Events

Every good MMORPG game has the Events section. Keeping an eye on these "special activities" that are taking place in the world of Tibia is essential for you to progress on your adventure. There is a specific NPC that warns you of everything that is going on around you. He is in Thais, and his name is Towncryer. A second option to find out about the events is to use an Adventurer "s Stone in a temple. If you do this, you will automatically be teleported to a location where there is a sign with all the information on the subject.

9. Don't forget to eat

Tibia foods have several uses. You should not ignore its importance, and it is interesting that you know each type of food that exists in the game. Usually they regenerate MP and HP , and can be purchased from NPCs or found after defeating certain creatures. Some foods can only be obtained in Special Events in Tibia , which occur sporadically, and it is necessary to pay attention to Tip 8 of this article. Some foods, moreover, can only be made by the player himself, which makes them even rarer items. One of the most interesting foods to have in your backpack is the brown mushroom , which weighs very little and quickly recovers its vital points with just four items consumed.

10. Always have ropes and spades in your inventory

The most experienced Tibia players always have these two items in their inventory. And they are not wrong, since shovels and ropes are two of the most useful items in the game. The good thing is that you already win a unit of each one in the tutorial phase, so it is worth not skipping that initial moment of the game. The primary function of the shovel is the same as it has in the real world: digging. In Tibia, digging has a relevant function. It is possible to drill holes and find items. The blades are heavy and can be replaced by light blades. The rope, on the other hand, serves to take you out of a hole or other place of the kind. So if you fall into your own hole it may be interesting to have a string in your backpack. With all of that in mind, you can now move on to what is most fun in this game : exploring your world. Don't be afraid to visit all possible places on the Continent. Go into caves, explore dungeons and venture out when you can in PvP battles . Do all the quests you can, not only to gain experience and evolve your avatar , but also to learn all the secrets of this game. The more you play, the better you will master Tibia's mechanics .

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