10 essential tips to defend well in FIFA 2020

Knowing how to score opponents in FIFA 19 is as important as scoring goals. And in relation to FIFA 18, the changes in terms of defensive system are not many. The game continues to require the same technical skills as required in previous editions. Perfect timing and correct use of tactics, for example, are still necessary requirements to score well. This latest edition of FIFA, however, brought some interesting improvements and options. Tactical Defense is more responsive, since AI is more intelligent. The strongest players, like the defenders, now have priority when it comes to the ball and space dispute. In addition, the new tactical options allow players to score well in all game situations. In the midst of so many defense possibilities in FIFA 19, it is normal to be a little lost in practice. So we put together this comprehensive guide to the defensive system of the game. You will see 10 simple and objective tips that will make you close your defense without giving loopholes to any opponents

1. Use Tactical Defense to your advantage

Tactical Defense has been FIFA's main defensive system method since the 2017 edition. The idea is to give the player greater freedom when intercepting the opponent's ball or when cutting a pass. Many have complained that this system is flawed and inaccurate. It is almost always the fault of AI, which is not very smart. In FIFA 19, however, Tactical Defense is improved. The players of your team help effectively in the marking. The entire defensive block is more cohesive, acting together. So it is essential to learn how to use this method in favor of your style of play. If you prefer advanced marking, use your teammates to cut a pass at the right time. If you want to wait for the opponent in your field, learn to surround him to steal the ball.

2. Don't miss the boat time

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to miss the timing when fighting your opponent. Failing to steal the ball will completely expose your defense. So be patient. Feel the game and give the cart or try to intercept the ball while standing just propitious moment for that.

3. Know when to cut the pass line and when to press

Having the perfect timing of the boat is not enough to defend well in FIFA 19. It is necessary to analyze when it is time to strike and when it is time to just surround the opponent. This is easy to do if you press the L2. Your player will face the ball, automatically changing its direction as the opponent changes his. At that time you can ask for help from another player on your team. He will press the opponent in an attempt to steal the ball. This gives you time to make the best decision.

4. Prioritize strong defenders

FIFA 19 has a new scheme for ball divides, known as "50/50". This means that this edition of the game prioritizes players with greater physical strength in disputes for possession of the round. In other words: climb defenders and even defensive midfielders who are strong and have a good body game. It is a great advantage for the defensive system.

5. Avoid changing the defenders

Another common mistake is to change control from one defender to another during the opponent's attack. You always control the player closest to the ball. But there is a problem there: if the opponent makes swaps of passes very fast, it is possible that the command changes to a player of your own that you did not want. If you want to make this exchange, use the right analog stick. It will allow you to manually switch to any player on the pitch. Leave automatic switching for very precise moments, such as stealing balls or boats.

6. Defend with the front men

A perfect defensive system uses defenders and full-backs only as a last resort. You should start defending with the first man in front. It is important to try to steal the ball on the opponent's court. That's where most of your players are, which makes the defensive process easier. If the game gets stuck in the middle of the field, don't get flustered. Avoid as much as possible to call for help from the side and especially from the defenders. Use the central socks and the steering wheels to surround and even to cut off the opponent's attack at the right time.

7. Trust Artificial Intelligence

Compared to other FIFA editions, 19 brought an improved AI when it came to defending. So trust her and don't hesitate to ask for her help. As mentioned above, it is essential when fencing and stealing the opponent's ball. In terms of markup, using two elements is usually more effective than using just one. Still, be careful. Calling the nearest player when trying to intercept the ball can open your defense unnecessarily. Only do this when you can cover.

8. Keep the defense posted

This tip is related to tactical options. In the defense instructions of the players, especially the defenders, it is essential that they are instructed not to advance. Depending on the scheme in which you play, it is convenient that the wings or wings are also instructed not to go on the attack. Keeping the last line of defense is your safeguard in case the attack and midfield fail.

9. Edit your Game Plans

A much-appreciated feature in FIFA 19 is the ability to edit Game Plans. It is now possible to choose a scheme and the respective tactics for each Plan. If you want, for example, to adopt a 5-3-2 in Ultradefensivo, but a 4-1-4-1 in Offensive, there is no problem. That is why they are called Dynamic Tactics. In addition to giving your attacking game more versatility, it allows you to defend yourself better. It is a way to withstand a fulminating counterattack much better. If you have a fast squad and the ideal tactic to close in defense, you will be able to avoid the opponent's goals.

10. Read the game

None of the above tips will work if you can't read the game. And each game is different from the other. There is no point in applying the same tactics, schemes and attitudes to all opponents. In that sense, FIFA 19 "plays" on your side. With the Dynamic Tactics mentioned above, you can adapt to all types of opponents. A solid defense is one that knows how to make an organized mark. So always have patience, check by sectors. Start with the attackers. Use the socks and steering wheels to try to intercept the ball cleanly. Use the defenders and the side only as a last resort and very calmly, so as not to open unnecessary spaces. To learn how to use tactics to defend yourself, check out the best FIFA 19 formations and tactics .

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