Raz is an assassin wizard who specializes in quickly eliminating his opponents with attacks that do a lot of damage. In addition, the hero has abilities that allow him to easily escape attacks launched against him. But this hero is also one of the most complex to master. Check out this guide to learn more about Raz and how to play him in Arena of Valor .

Know the skills of Raz

 Passive: Working the Feet

This passive ability puts Raz close to enemies in his second and third consecutive normal attack . The combo's first normal attack will also cause extra magic damage, stunning enemies. Working your feet is almost like a third magical skill that Raz has if you can keep combos rolling. Try to stun enemies with a normal attack and then finish them off with other skills.

 Ascending Hook

When using this skill, Raz deals magic damage to enemies nearby, knocking them into the air simultaneously. This is very useful for controlling your opponents or for saving yourself from ambushes.

 High Cross

Raz throws a projectile that deals magic damage to all enemies in his path, also reducing his movement speed and defense against magic. This is the hero's most important skill, as it decreases his opponents' defenses against his remaining abilities. Also, by slowing them down, Cruzado Alto is very useful in ganks.

 Ultimate: Explosive Knockout

This ability deals magic damage to enemies and throws them back. The damage done is massive and the distance at which enemies are played is long. Explosive knockout is extremely useful and should be used in team battles , especially if your team's healers are surrounded.

Quick tips for playing with the wizard

  • Try combining Raz's abilities by attacking from far and near, as his combos can be very powerful. This is the best way to see how efficient you can be in the match.
  • Raz is an extremely dangerous and fast killer, but he is also very susceptible to control skills . Always avoid leaving your safe zone and choose your fights well, because, when stunned or without mobility, you will become easy prey.
  • This hero is ideal for protecting the central lane , especially from other mages. Keep this in mind, especially at the start of the match.
  • Try to weaken your enemies from afar with High Crusader before delivering the final blow with Ascending Hook. This is a way to protect yourself while doing your job.
  • In team battles, your main objective should be to eliminate snipers and wizards from the opposite team.

How to create your skill build

It is important to choose High Crusader as your first skill, as it is with it that you can quickly attack all enemies that try to invade your lane. Second, it is useful to choose Ascending Hook especially to jump over small walls. And lastly, upgrade Explosive Knockout whenever possible, as it is the most important skill you have to quickly destroy your opponents.

Key items

Core items

Thunder Staff Cost: 2000
  • + 240 Ability Power
  • Passive: Explosion (+ 50 Ability Power when it hits an enemy)
Hecate's Diadem Cost: 2300
  • + 240 Ability Power
  • Passive: Warlock (+ 35 Ability Power)
Berith's agony Cost: 2120
  • + 140 Ability Power
  • + 10% Recharge Reduction
  • + 225 Armor
  • Passive: Torture (+ 3% of target's health in extra magic damage)

Optional items

Rhea's Blessing Cost: 2220
  • + 140 Ability Power
  • + 10% Recharge Reduction
  • Passive: Vital Shield (receives a shield when Life drops below 40%)
  • Passive: + 25% Magic Life Theft
Holy of Holies Cost: 2990
  • + 400 Ability Power
  • Passive: Illumination (1400 Life)
Sphere of the Magi Cost: 2010
  • + 140 Ability Power
  • + 10% Recharge Reduction
  • Passive: Persistence (+ 12 Ability Power and + 110 Life every 30 seconds)
  • Passive: Returning from the Ashes (regenerates 20% Life and Mana each time you level up)
Apocalypse Cost: 2190
  • + 200 Ability Power
  • + 10% Recharge Reduction
  • Passive: Elemental Power (+ 80% Ability Power after using an ability)
Enchanted Kicks Cost: 710
  • Passive: + 60 Movement Speed
  • Passive: + 75 Magic Piercing
Golden Boot Cost: 690
  • + 110 Magic Defense
  • Passive: + 60 Movement Speed
  • Passive: + 35% Resistance

The best archangels for the hero

The best thing for this hero is to bet on archangels that increase the power and piercing of magical abilities.

Red Arcana

  • Corruption

Purple Archangels

  • Greed
  • Revelation

Green Arcana

  • Corrosion
  • Aggression
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