The main challenge for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is getting along with the game's energy system. The target of many complaints from users, has become the main barrier in the fun of the players. To help you on your journey through the magical world of the game , we explain all the ways to get free energy at Hogwarts Mystery .

Click on points of interest at Hogwarts

The easiest way to get free energy at Hogwarts Mystery is to interact with the various points of interest available throughout the castle and even outside. This can be done daily, which ensures that there are always at least a few extra energy balls for you. See below which are the points of interest and where they are located:
  • Low West Floor : the first point is a torch at the entrance to the Great Hall, on the right side. The second point is the statue holding a sword. When you take energy, the weapon becomes a shield. Come back when the sword is there again.
  • Lower East Floor : on top of a bank there is a pile of books. Click on it.
  • Towers in the West section : there is a picture next to the Monitors' bathroom.
  • Torres in the East section : the first point is the second frame walking from the entrance, next to the Charms classroom. Peeves is the second, floating around the place.
  • Dungeons : When the house elf is in that region, click on him.
  • Castle grounds : near Hagrid's hut there is a stick on the ground.
  • Hogsmeade : interact with the boy holding a sled.
  • Forbidden Forest: The Forbidden Forest is only released in the Fourth Year. In any case, interact with the triangular-shaped spider web at the entrance to the nest. A spider will come out of there. When she comes back, she can get more energy.

Interact with pets

One of the Hogwarts Mystery updates brought players the possibility of having pets . You can choose between a frog, a cat, a mouse or an owl. It is a little expensive to buy them in the store, so it may be more interesting to expect that, throughout the game, you get a pet for free. But know that it is worth paying at first to have your pet. They are a free source of energy. Just wake him up, pet him , anyway: any interaction with your pet will give you energy balls. The same can be done with the animals that stay in your dorm. A good advantage of pets in relation to the points of interest previously mentioned is that you can be full of energy to gain more energy. The limit is exceeded, which allows you to prepare as you should for some important mission to accomplish.

Find your best friends

Your friends are an important part of your experience at Hogwarts. They not only help you with quests and small missions, they can also be good extra sources of energy. There are several activities that put you face to face with your schoolmates. Whenever there is a special interaction with your friends, you must fulfill certain requirements to increase the level of friendship with them. At certain levels it is possible to obtain energy, which can range from +5 to +15. Some encounters, however, provide gems, money or clothing. Anyway, it is worth exploring this feature of the game.

Watch advertising videos

Almost everyone hates watching ads , even if it provides good rewards. In Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery this feature is present and can be a quick and easy source of energy points. The ads option , however, has some peculiarities. It is only available a few times a day. In addition, you can only try to gain energy from the advertisements if you have your zeroes.

Go well in class

Here is the scheme is a little more random. You cannot guarantee that every successful lesson will provide you with energy points. What we can say is that it is even common that between a star and another obtained in a class you get extra balls to fill your energy bar.

Level up

This is perhaps the most time-consuming way to gain energy, as you spend what you already have to gain experience and level up. The good thing is that whenever you level up your entire energy bar will fill up completely. Keep an eye on how much is left to happen in order to spend your energy before the bar is filled.

Join the Duel Club

Located in the Dungeons, the Duel Club is not always open. When you are, you win three tickets . With each defeat you must use one of the tickets . After the three defeats, it is necessary to wait for the Club to reopen. While you are alive in the competition, take the opportunity to gain extra energy. Up to +4 energy per win is possible. The bad thing is that the prize is not always what you want. Sometimes they are coins, which is also not bad.

Wait for the energy bar to recharge by itself

Finally, sometimes the best thing is to take a break, relax and wait for the game to do its part for you. It takes about 4 minutes to get an energy point. Depending on how much your limit is, we can imagine there at least an hour and a half waiting. It is not much. Leave the application in the background or even disabled during this period. Come back another hour and resume your fun.

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