How to earn gems in Arena of Valor and how to use them

Confused about what these red stones are and what to do with them? In Arena of Valor , gems are very valuable items and you need to manage them very well - and we have quick answers to your questions!

What are?

Red gems are a type of in-game coins that players can use to purchase items. At first, you will easily receive these gems, but as you level up, you will notice a significant decrease in the gain of this valuable currency. You can get gems:
  • Achieving different Achievements (click on the star icon in the main menu)
  • Signing in frequently
  • Playing the weekend
  • Winning in the Raffle (access this option within the Store menu)

Where to use?

Through the main menu, enter the store and access the Casa de Gems. As its name implies, this is the main place where you can spend this currency. At Casa de Gems, you will be able to acquire:
  • Magic Crystal
  • Arcane Chest
  • Chest - Yorn Special Force
  • 2x EXP card: 4 wins
  • 2x Gold Card: 4 wins
  • 2x EXP card: 10 wins
  • 2x Gold Card: 10 wins
Keep in mind that items marked Popular have a daily limit on your purchase. But, in addition to this store, there are other ways to spend your gems:
  • Buying additional Arcana pages
  • Gaining new chances to get new heroes in Hook War or Abyssal Conflict
On European and Southwest Asian servers, you can still use gems to buy certain heroes. Unfortunately, this option is not available on the Latin American server.

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