How to earn free money in Dream League Soccer 2020 without cheating

Making money in Dream League Soccer is one of the biggest challenges in the game. Coins are your source of income to buy players, to evolve your stadium and to develop your squad. So if you are "poor" and need to boost the team, take a look at the tips below to get free DSL money .

Connect your Facebook account to the game

This is the first step to be taken, even before playing your first game. Connecting your social networks to the game is critical for several reasons. As a rule, Dream League Soccer offers this connection to Twitter and Facebook. Since almost everyone has Facebook today, connecting to that network is simpler. So if you haven't already, do it. You will earn a coin bonus to start getting your team pumped.

Don't forget to get the initial coin boost

After connecting your game to the social network, the next step is to collect the initial coin boost . It is only given to new players, so you may have already obtained it and you don't even know it. Stay tuned, as this initial award is not always given automatically. When this is the case, click on the coins icon and check if it is there to be redeemed.

Always win

Hitting opponents without mercy earns many coins
Here it will depend a lot on your skill as a DSL player . But make no mistake: losing gives you few coins, draws too, while winning gives a good amount. However, winning a rout can earn you real fortunes in each game. In this sense, it is worth training, improving your fundamentals, improving the team more and more and going with everything in the games. Not conceding goals, not committing fouls, not taking cards are things that also influence the final amount of coins obtained.

Sell ??players you will no longer use

Of course it is important to have a squad packed with players for all situations. But sometimes you just aren't going to use some names. Unfortunately, they will only be part of the group, not even among the reserves. When so, take the opportunity to sell these pieces. Putting them on the market will fill your bank account, as well as free up space for new and better players to reach the club.

Achieve daily and match goals

All matches have goals to be fulfilled. These tasks are simple, like scoring a certain number of goals in the same game. In addition there are those long-term goals, like winning the Major League, scoring several goals in a specific division. The more goals you achieve in Dream League Soccer , the more coins you earn as a prize.

Always watch post-game advertisements

Advertisements are always present after the end of a game in Dream League Soccer . Many players choose not to watch these videos. Know, however, that they are important if you want to earn free coins. Most advertisements do not last more than 30 seconds. So just click, wait for time to pass and get back to your game. But now with the heaviest pocket. See 10 tips to rock the Dream League Soccer pitches ! Check the kits of the Brasileirão teams to update their DSL !

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