In Fortnite, it is very important to get as many Training Manuals as possible, as it is with them that you can evolve your Heroes and Survivors. However, these items are not that easy to find and are not always part of the rewards for missions you complete. Check out how to earn Training Manuals to get your characters up to the maximum level quickly!

Reforming Heroes, Survivors and Defenders

The most efficient and sure way to obtain the so desired Training Manuals is to reform Heroes, Survivors and Defenders of rare or high quality . It is true that you have to sacrifice these characters, but for each one that is reformed, you get a Manual that you can use to upgrade another better or more useful Hero . If you are short of blue or high quality characters, use Transformation Keys to raise your rarity until they are able to be successfully reformed. To find out which Heroes to dispense, check each existing class and its functions.

Contribute to the Collection Book

Another way to earn Manuals is by contributing to your Collection Book . By donating items or characters, your book will gain experience and you will be rewarded whenever you reach a new level.

The levels that award Training Manuals as a prize are:

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