How to earn coins quickly in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team

Everything you want to do in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) mode will require you to have coins. The famous FUT coins are essential to buy from simple uniforms to the most expensive players. So if your ambition is to have CR7 or Messi on your team, you need to take every opportunity you can to fill your virtual wallet. So don't waste time, because time is money. Here are some practices that are important within FUT to maximize your profits. These are precious tips that will certainly increase your coins flow.

1. Buy the coin boosts in the EAS FC catalog

In addition to player loan contracts, uniforms and other items, the EAS FC catalog allows you to purchase currency boosts . These coin boosts are a way for you to collect money very quickly right at the beginning of the game. For 500 CFC, for example, it is possible to buy a boost of 200 coins that lasts for 5 games. That is: at the end of 5 games played, you will receive this value plus the value obtained in the game. Unfortunately, you can only use each boost once. This, however, already gives a good initial help. See below which coin boosts exist and how long they last:
  • 200 coins x 5 games
  • 200 coins x 10 games
  • 200 coins x 15 games
  • 1,000 coins x 5 games
  • 1,000 coins x 10 games
  • 1,000 coins x 15 games

2. Do all the tasks and challenges in the game

Even at the beginning of the FUT it is important to do the initial tasks. In the presentation mode of Ultimate Team there are a lot of simple missions that earn you good coins. In the medium and long term they do not make much difference, but these few coins help to form an initial squad. Weekly challenges are also indispensable for anyone looking to earn coins. Every week EA offers a series of challenges that earn you packs and coins. Perhaps the best known of them is to challenge the Selection of the Week.

3. Use the Casting Challenges

Perhaps this is one of the game modes within FUT that draws the least attention. First because it doesn't involve going to the lawn. Second, it is a little risky to "get rid" of some of your players in exchange for packs . Still, if you have a lot of players left, it might be interesting to take a chance. This is because it is customary for most of the Casting Challenges to provide gold packs . If you exchange useless bronze players for gold players that are worth good coins, you can sell them. In the end, it is a good way of doing business and earning coins.

4. Enter Squad Battles and Division Rivals

Squad Battles and Division Rivals modes are very similar. The first is aimed at the single player , while the second is multiplayer . Anyway, in both you face rival squads. As you accumulate victories, your chances of winning big, weekly prizes increase. In Squad Battles mode you will face teams created by random players from the FIFA community. Depending on your performance, at the end of a week you will receive a large amount of coins. The same goes for Division Rivals , which pays even better if you have a week full of wins. Just to give you an idea: you can earn up to 30K or more in a week in this latest game mode.

5. Use the "Bronze Pack" scheme

This method is not considered cheat or any kind of cheating. On the contrary, it is practiced quite openly by many veteran Ultimate Team players. Unlike Casting Challenges, it poses no risk. All you have to do is buy Bronze or Premium Bronze packs . After opening them, sell the best cards and the worst cards too. It is very common to get cards that heal injuries, for example, and that are in great demand in the market. Selling them at the right price will earn you coins and good profits.

6. Practice selling and reselling players

The idea is similar to the "Bronze Pack" method. The difference is that here you will buy players directly. Do market research in relation to the average price of some players. Try to buy them at prices much below normal. Then just resell them at the price they are normally sold for.

7. Watch the Market

As you know, the Transfer Market in FIFA 19 is very unstable. Players increase and decrease in price according to the week, month or some date that EA considers special. So a member of your team who was undervalued, can be valued overnight. There comes an opportunity for sales and profit. In addition, cards that you think will always be valued may lose market value. Thus, if you are interested in selling a player who is on the rise, do not hesitate to do so. Sometimes waiting for a greater appreciation of the letter can be a waste of time and money.

8. Finish the Journey Mode

As in FIFA 18, in FIFA 19 ending Alex Hunter's adventure towards stardom can earn you some coins. In addition to coins, special player cards can be obtained through the mode. Including Hunter's own. Winning matches in the FUT without scoring goals gives you more coins, so learn to defend yourself in FIFA 19! Discover the best tactics and formations to do well in the Ultimate Team.

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