How to defeat the Mother Plant in The Sims 4: Strangerville

Upon entering the last door of the Secret Laboratory , we solved the Strangerville mystery and found an even worse challenge: the Mother Plant . All strength seems useless compared to the power of this monstrous plant. But don't worry, we are here to help you!

Defeat the Mother Plant

The Mother Plant is really very powerful. So, in order to defeat this monster from military experiments, you will need:
  1. Produce a vaccine for contamination;
  2. Recruit Sims to help you;
  3. Fight!

How to get a vaccine

The Mother Plant is so powerful that it would be impossible to defeat it without being immune to contamination. Creating an effective vaccine is the first step. Go back to the underground part of the Laboratory and use one of the machines available in the bizarre plant greenhouse to create an Experimental Vaccine . Use, for each vaccine:
  1. 1 fruit of the bizarre plant (it is possible to find up to 8 fruits in the Laboratory garden, around the city, or by buying at the Souvenir Shop for 9 simoleons);
  2. 5 clusters of spores.
Find out how to get spore clusters With the vaccine in hand, apply to any Sim infected by testing its effectiveness. Make new experimental vaccines and test until you get a vaccine capable of blocking contamination (it takes an average of 3 attempts , it may be easier for Sims with Logic and Programming skills). Create at least 3 new vaccines for contamination with the same ingredients.

How to recruit Sims into battle

It's time to assemble your team. The Mother Plant is really very powerful and you will need 3 Sims to fight you. Go to any neighborhood lot looking for at least 3 infected (possessed) Sims to apply the vaccine. Free from contamination, use the action "Recruit to fight against the Mother Plant" (requires a pleasant relationship with the Sim). With everything ready, go back to the Laboratory with your team. It's battle time!

How to Fight the Mother Plant

Take your team to the Mother Plant room and start a battle together, selecting everyone who will help you. In battle, it is highly recommended to use Group Commands . For each command requested, the team will need time to organize itself again:
  1. "To attack!" - It attacks the Mother Plant but the contamination level of the team goes up faster;
  2. "Tomar Fôlego" - Contamination level of the team goes down but does not cause damage to the Mother Plant;
  3. "Watch out!" - Your team acquires more resistance to contamination but causes minimal damage to the Mother Plant;
  4. "Pompous War Cry!" - Scares the team of Sims possessed from the Mother Plant but does no damage.
In addition, it is also possible to:
  1. "Using Mega Spray" - Causes a lot of damage to the Mother Plant;
  2. "Throwing vaccines for contamination" - Causes a lot of damage to the Mother Plant. It is necessary to have vaccines in the inventory;
  3. "Retreat" - End the battle.
Pay attention to the contamination levels and the strength of the Mother Plant in the information on the left. Pay attention to the Plant's movements to ensure that the team reacts in advance to attacks and throws vaccines and Mega Spray for a very effective attack.

The end of the mystery at Strangerville ... Or not

With the Mother Plant defeated, Strangerville seems to return to normal. But feel free to resurrect it as many times as you like. This time, you will be able to control the contamination levels of the city and even become friends with that entity! Also, when you become a good friend of the Plant, you may even get some very interesting “treats” once a day, try:
  1. "Asking for Career Success" - Increases your chances of promotion;
  2. "Ask for Wealth" - Adds simoleons to your account;
  3. "Request Energy" - Fill the Sim's energy for 24 hours;
  4. "Request Life Extension" - The Sim returns to his / her initial age.
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