Heroes of the Storm: how to play as Alexstrasza, the Queen of Dragons

Alexstrasza is the new support heroine of Heroes of the Storm and the only one in the game that has its cures based on the maximum percentage of its own life. This dragon woman, from the Warcraft franchise , can both heal and deal damage. Check everything about your skills and find out which are the best talents to choose for the role you want to play.



  • Can cure in a sustainable way;
  • Her Dragon Queen form is exceptionally strong;
  • Preservation is a great healing option while fighting a static target;
  • It has a relatively low mana consumption.


  • It has no escape mechanism;
  • You can only count on Abundance to heal yourself;
  • Loses life when healing the team;
  • Her strongest ability, Queen of Dragons, has a very long cooldown.

Lightning Tips

  • Your Flaming Slap has only a 2 second reload, so you are supposed to use it all the time, causing damage to your enemies;
  • When destroying gates and the two towers around you, try to position yourself near one of the towers to reach the three elements with your Flaming Slap;
  • Your Wing Slap ability, while in Dragon Queen form, is very useful for throwing your enemies back;
  • Try to use the Dragon Queen form only during a team fight, as the reload time is too long;
  • Don't forget to keep your own life full through Abundance;
  • When using Abundance, indicate on the map to let your allies know where the seed is.


Queen of Dragons (D)

This ability allows Alexstrasza to briefly transform into a dragon , significantly increasing the power of his other abilities. In addition, it increases protection against control effects, which means that many spells cast against it will fail. However, Queen of Dragons has a very high reload, so this ability should not be missed. Ideally, you should use it during a team battle . Although this is a very strong skill, you will not be invincible, so try to position yourself in a protected place, behind your team .

Gift of Life / Breath of Life (Q)

Gift of Life is your main cure. With this ability, Alexstrasza is able to heal with a large amount of life based on his current life . When in the form of Queen of Dragons, you don't have to sacrifice your life to heal , so you can use the ability more effectively.

Abundance / Preservation (W)

When you use this cure, you plant a seed that will bring life to an area over a period of time. So, it is necessary that both you and your team position themselves close to the seed . When transformed into Preservation, this ability becomes stronger, increasing your life span and allowing your team to be virtually invincible during an onslaught.

Flaming Slap / Wing Slap (E)

This ability casts a fireball in a straight line , igniting all enemies in front of you, dealing damage over time. While Wing Slap, the ability, in addition to causing damage, also throws its enemies back . Use this ability mainly when you want to break a concentrated attack by the enemy team.

Mother of Life (R)

Mother of Life is a fantastic ability to help an allied hero who is under intense fire . Although the skill seems a little complex, it is actually quite simple. If you have your life to the fullest and heal a hero who is close to death, then your ally's life will be at its maximum and vice versa.

Purifying Flame (R)

This ability allows Alexstrasza to leave the battle and bomb both his allies and his enemies. This means that she will be able to significantly heal her team or cause a lot of damage to opponents . If you use this ability in the form of a Dragon, it will greatly increase the damage done to the opposing team.


Primary healer

  • Level 1: Circle of Life
  • Level 4: Spurt of Vitality
  • Level 7: Blossoming Verdant
  • Level 10: Mother of Life
  • Level 13: Pacify
  • Level 16: Excessive Protection
  • Level 20: Ritual of Life

Secondary healer

  • Level 1: Live and Let Live
  • Level 4: Exuberance
  • Level 7: Flower of Life
  • Level 10: Mother of Life or Purifying Flame
  • Level 13: Pacify
  • Level 16: Draconic Discipline
  • Level 20: Ancient Flame

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