Hearthstone: the best Kobolds & Catacombs decks

Don't be left behind and get the best decks from the Kobolds and Catacombs expansion now. With the arrival of 135 new cards , the meta game has changed a lot and you have to check out the best decks to run the ladder well.

Demon Warlock

The demons returned to the ladder to spread terror. The deck only takes 4 powerful demons (2xLord of Chaos and 2xDemonarch) that are enough to detonate your opponent. The main objective is to place these demons through the Possessed Minion or the legendary weapon Skull of the Man'ari. The deck's great combo is to place the Cantaspiritum Umbra and use the Carnivorous Cube on the Demonarch. At this point, you can create 2 Demonarchs and, with the remaining mana, use the Dark Pact on the Carnivorous Cube to place 2 more Demonarchs. Suddenly, 5 Demonarchs are ready to attack! If you don't get this combo, you can use Rin, the First Disciple, to use the seals against control decks. And against more aggressive decks, take the pressure with Profane and Hell's Pact. And there is also Gul'dan, the Bloodthief, to resurrect his demons in the last turns. The Demon Warlock is a very complete deck, capable of controlling the various moments of the game. If you manage to put the Chaoslord early, everything becomes easier.
Deck code: AAECAf0GCO0F2wbMCMnCApfTAurmAtjnAtvpAgv3BLYHxAjexALnywLy0AL40AKI0gKL4QL85QLo5wIA Arcane Dust: 11260

Murloc Paladin

The arrival of the epic card Called to Arms made Murloc Paladin stronger. Thus, you can easily place 3 more Murlocs on the table, increasing the synergy between them. It is an aggressive deck, with a lot of presence at the table. The legendary Val'anyr weapon is great for beating control decks. Thus, you will always strengthen your murlocs that look like they never end. You can quickly get rid of the cards in your hand, because Divine Favoring will reinforce your agro presence in the game. Deck code: AAECAZ8FBNAH474CucECt + kCDcUD2wP + A6cFpwjTqgLZrgLTvAKzwQKdwgKxwgLjywL40gIA Arcane Dust: 9240

Dragon Priest

This is a reinvented and very interesting version of the popular Dragon Priest. The basic idea of the deck is the use of high spells like Free of Amber and Mind Control that make excellent synergies with the Malevolent Summoner and the Chief Archivist. As they are the only spells on the deck, they will always have a lot of impact on the game. If you play against Demon Warlock or Big Priest, use Mind Control to steal your opponent's key minion. If you are going to play against aggressive decks, you have several inexpensive minions to handle the pressure. And then Quebranoite will be very important to end the armies of murlocs and pirates. Deck code: AAECAa0GAo0I0OcCDgjyDIK1Arq7AvC7AtnBAsrDApnIAsrLAs7MAqbOAvvTAsvmAtfrAgA = Arcane Dust: 4060 If you have little Arcane Powder, check out 5 very competitive cheap decks

Spell Hunter

Deck code: AAECAR8IjQHJBIAH6asCx64C6dIChtMC4eMCC6gCtQOHBJcIxQj + DPixAt3SAt / SAuPSAurjAgA = This Hunter deck is undoubtedly the big reveal of the expansion. Everyone played Hunter with decks full of Beasts, but this one doesn't even have a footman! It looks very strange, but it works perfectly thanks to the new letters that arrived. To play well with this deck, you will have to put in a lot of secrets from the start and then put several 3/3 wolves in when using the Lower Magic Emerald. The deck is mid-range, so you'll have to control the table well until the decisive turns where you will play the Rexxar or the new legendary weapon Rhok'Delar. Arcane Dust: 5660

Secret Mage

This is a new version of the popular Wizard of Secrets. The legendary new weapon Aluneth allows you to draw 3 more cards per turn in the mid-game where you don't usually have many cards in hand. The new Explosive Runes secret has also been added, which is excellent for destroying enemy minions and dealing damage to opponents simultaneously The deck's strategy is aggressive and you must put secrets at an early age to lower the cost of Kabal Crystal Crystals. The secrets will delay your opponent's game for you to control the first turns. Keep the Fireballs, Ice Arrows and other spells from the Primordial Glyph to command the opponent in the face. Deck code: AAECAf0EAskNotMCDnHDAbsClQOrBOYElgXsBde2Auu6Aoe9AsHBApjEAo / TAgA = Arcane Dust: 3780

Rogue Weather

This is an improved version of the large Ladino Keleseth deck that previously dominated the ladder. The legendary new Sonya Bailavulto is the perfect deck card because it allows you to use your minions' battle cry again. It is excellent for reusing Prince Keleseth in the initial turns or the Skeletal Mare in the final turns. The new Elf Menestrel card arrived to end the problem of buying cards that the deck previously had. And finally, the Corridor Creeper often enters at no cost due to the number of minions that you easily put into play. Deck code: AAECAaIHBrICrwSRvALKwwLP4QKc4gIMtAHtAqgF1AXdCJK2AoHCAuvCAsrLAqbOAvvTAtvjAgA = Arcane Dust: 11320

Agro Paladin

Agro Paladino is back stronger than ever. The entry of cards like the Dry Ravine jailer and the Call to Arms allows you to easily place multiple minions on the table. The legendary Val'Anyr weapon is excellent for constantly putting pressure on your opponent for the past few turns. The deck is very aggressive, ideal for quickly climbing the ladder. The cards are low cost and you will be able to put your whole hand into play and then use Divine Favor to buy more cards. The 5 weapons you have on the deck allow you to do a lot of extra damage to your opponent. Deck code: AAECAZ8FBK8EkbwCucECt + kCDacF1AX1Ba8H2QexCNmuArjHAuPLApXOAvjSAtblArfnAgA = Arcane Dust: 8560

Zoo Warlock

The Zoo also reinforced itself with the new Kobolds and Catacombs cards. The Ordinary Homunculus and the Kobold Librarian are two new cards that will help a lot in the first turns of the game. After playing several minions, the Runner's Creeper cost will drop and may give you the chance to put on the same turn combining with Skeletal Mare. Deck code: AAECAf0GApG8ApfTAg4w9wSoBc4Hwgj2CLy2Ase7Asm7AvfNAqbOAvHQAvLQAvvTAgA = Arcane Dust: 5960

Big Priest

The Big Priest also got stronger with the new expansion. The new Dragonfire Potion card is a new alternative to resurrect the large minions. On the other hand, the Psychic Scream is an excellent card to delay your opponent's game. Deck code: AAECAa0GBqIJqKsChbgCt7sCws4CkNMCDNMK1wqhrALovwLqvwLRwQLlzALmzAK0zgLwzwLo0ALj6QIA Arcane Dust: 12380 The Word to HTML converter helps you convert documents like Excel, Google docs, PDF files and any other visual document to HTML.

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