Grand Theft Auto III: 10 Year Anniversary (GTA 3) cheats for Android and iPhone

Here are a series of tips and tricks from Grand Theft Auto III: 10 Year Anniversary for Android and that will definitely make the game much easier. As always from Trucoteca we recommend that you try to play without using them to get the most out of the playable experience. Be as it is and as always ... you choose.

Codes for the virtual keyboard:

Enter the following codes during the pause or in the middle of a game with a virtual keyboard or by connecting a physical one. 100% Armor: Tortoise 100% Health: gesundheit Better vehicle handling: cornerslikemad Change clothes: ilikedressingup Clean weather: skincancerforme The clock moves faster: timeflieswhenyou Cloudy weather: ilikescotland Gore: nastylimbscheat Destroy all cars: bangbangbang Flying vehicles: chittycittybb Fog: peasoup All weapons (do it several times for more ammo): gunsgunsguns Highest search level: morepoliceplease Crazy Pedestrians: itsallgoingmaaad Invisible cars: anicesetofwheels Lowest search level: nopoliceplease More money (can be repeated): ifiwerearichman Violent Pedestrians: nobodylikesme Pedestrians fighting each other: weaponsforall Rainy weather: ilovescotland Create vehicles (repeat for other models): giveusatank Faster gameplay: boooooring Fastest watch: madweather


Drink: On each of the islands, finish ten police car missions to get a drink. He concludes twenty missions for six drinks. Fix your car for free: To repair your vehicle for free, put the car in the garage. Then walk out of the garage to close the doors. Enter again and your car will be like new. Spectacular explosions: Go up to the last floor of a parking lot and jump down one of the ramps, they will give you money and you will do amazing stunts and explosions. Prostitute gets in your car: Approach one of them and honks the horn, she will look at you and after a while she will get on with you. Recover life: Get a good car (less police, FBI, ambulance, fire truck or taxi) and stop in front of a prostitute (brown or gray suit). He will come to talk to you and get in your car. Find a quiet place and your life points will rise while your money will decrease. Then you can kill her to get your money back. Shoreside is worth: have to finish the mission of Donald Love in which you will have to kill Kenji of the Yakuza.

Special Extras:

Plane: When you have begun to complete missions for Donald Love, the plane will appear at the airport. It is a plane without wings. Although it does not fly too well, it may rise: it pushes forward while accelerating to increase speed and pull back to take off. BF injection: Once you have completed the Sayonara Salvatore mission for Asuka, you will find the outside of Misty's apartment in Hepburn Heights. Dodo: Once you start accepting missions from Donald Love, the Dodo will appear at the airport. It is an ultralight whose wings have been removed. He cannot fly correctly but if he can plan, staying in the air: the trick is to push it forward and accelerate to reach speed and release carefully to take off. Flamethrower: Turn off 30 fires on each island in the Bombero mission to get the flamethrower to the arsenal. Health: Save 50 patients in the Medical mission and you will get Health. Save 100 and you will accumulate Adrenaline. Complete level 16 and you will win Infinite Run, which will allow you to run without getting tired. Police Bribery: Kill 40 criminals on each island in the Vigilante mission to get the Police Bribe. Borgnine taxi: Once you have transferred 100 passengers to your destination you will be rewarded with the fast and red Taxi Borgnine. Staunton Island: You have to finish the last Mafia mission, sinking the Cartel boat.

Vehicle Missions:

Certain vehicles allow you to carry out some missions to earn more money while driving. Select the steering wheel symbol to start missions. Firefighter: When you are in a fire engine you can carry out fire missions. Doctor: When you are in an ambulance you can do some good deeds and save people. Taxi driver : When you steal a taxi you can work as a taxi driver to get extra money. Vigilante: When you are in a vigilante car you can chase and liquidate other criminals.

Hidden Packages:

There are 100 hidden packages on all three islands. Pick them up and you'll get amazing weapons. For each package they will give you 1,000 dollars and when you have 100 they will give you 1 million dollars. Pistol: 10 packages. Uzi: 20 packages. Pomegranates: 30 packages. Shotgun: 40 packages. Shielding: 50 packages. Molotov cocktails: 60 packages. AK-47: 70 packages. Rifle Spiner: 80 packages. M-16: 90 packages. Rocket launcher: 100 packages.

Last missions:

Finish Ray's last mission: Get a Tank. Go to the bridge that leads to Shoreside Vale (Costa de Vale). Cross the bridge and get into the Airport. Enter the subflubial tunnel and go to Staunton Island. Go to the Garage near the Callahan Bridge. Take the weapons and the Patriot, I recommend you take the Patriot to the hiding place. Finish the Staunton island phone mission: In this mission you have to get 3 Gangsters cars. Get a Yakuza Stinger (Yakuza) in the building near the hiding place. Go to the garage to take the car. Go to Portland Docks. Go up the mountain that leads to Salvatore's house. Take a Mafia Sentinel (Mafia). Go back to Portland Docks with the car (Going through Saint Marks would be a suicide). Return to Staunton and put the car in the garage. Go back to Portlan, go to Hepburn Heights and steal a Devil Stallion, watch out for the Devils. Return to Staunton and leave the car in the garage to complete the mission. Finish the last mission of the green phone of Staunton island without exploring: Get a fast car (like the cheetah, Infernus, Stinger, etc.). Go to the garage. When the bomb boy approaches you, just run out to the door, take some of the submachine guns and shoot him. Shoot the cars and win the mission, remember that from now on they will be at war with the Yardies.


Ghost Town: It is located on the north coast of the third island. You can reach him with the Dodo and you can't land there. Flying tank: Aim with the cannon to the rear, and shoot without stopping, it is best to do it on a very long street, so that it is gradually taking speed, until the tank starts to fly, it can take a lot of height.

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