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Europe Universalis IV Cheats for PC

To activate the traps press the TAB key to open the console. From there you can enter the codes enter the codes. Enter “help” to show you a list of commands. The most interesting according to Trucoteca are:

add_core [province tag]
Add a kernel

add_natives [province tag] [amount]
Add the natives you want in the province that you include

add_opinion [country tag]
Add opinion to the country

add_pi [country tag]
Add Papal influence to a certain country

add_pa [country tag]
Add patrialcar influence to the country.

add_reformlevel [amount]
Level of additional reform

add_interest [country tag]
add a specific interest to a country

Add additional stability

add_colonist [country tag]
add a new settler to your country

add_heir [country tag]
Add an heir

add_missionary [country tag]
A more additional missionary in the country of your choice

One more diplomat

morehumans [number]
Add more humans, the number you want ;-))

Add piety

population [province tag] [amount]
Add more population in the selected province

Add more prestige

power [idea group tag]
Add power to the group idea

add_idea_group [idea group tag]
Add group with specified idea

add_cb [belli tag] [country tag]
Send Casus Belli against the chosen country, it’s a good trick

annex [country tag]
Starts in the annex of the specified country.

integrate [country tag]
Integrate the chosen country

control [province tag]
Possess control of the specified province.

mapmode [Mapmode type #]
Update the map mode

own [province tag]
Update the owner of the selected province

Go to the next song

Disable the cheat console. The active tricks are lost

Save the game

discover [country tag]
Discover the capital of the country.

You can see a double rainbow

Enable / disable AI game intelligence

event [event tag] [country tag]
Create a specific event in the country you want

manpower [#]
Add labor

Cash [#]
More money

fow off
Disable the fog of war

fow on
Activate the fog of war


adm [# OPTIONAL]
Add administrative power

dip [# OPTIONAL]
Add diplomatic power

thousand [# OPTIONAL]
Add military power

powerpoints [# OPTIONAL]
-Add more power in all categories, without a doubt this is the best of the codes of Europa Universalis

Trick, receive maximum punctuation in all the wars of that country

Mark the pushing tool

combatsound [#]
Determine the frequency of sounds in combat view, (00 low and 50 very high)

imperial_authority [amount]
add more imperial authority

Kill the superior cardinals

kill_heir [country tag]
Kill the heir of the specified country

die (kill) [country tag]
Kill the King of the country

oos Have
the game client take you to oos

Record price in the gamelog

help [command name] Show
you the list of all commands available from the console to activate tricks and traps in the game

Shows you the memory used

Improve the balance of the region

Reload the interface

remove_cb [casus belli tag] [country tag]
Remove Casus Belli from a specific country

remove_core [province tag]
Remove a core from the chosen country, what a good key is

remove_interest [country tag]
Remove interest from a country

Eliminate the defender of the player’s faith

Gamestate request

Show your score

legitimacy [amount]
Set the amount of legitimacy of the ruler

spritelevel [level]
Specify the Sprite level, it restarts if it does not indicate any

setmissionaryprogress [province tag] [amount]
Update the province’s missionary level

Shows the votes of a cardinal in his title

Shows you your IP, and is this a cheat?

pirate [province tag]
Send a pirate the specified province

revolt [province tag]
Promote a revolution in the desired province

tag [country tag]
Change the name or label to a country

observe (spectator)
Observe as a spectator

testevent [event tag] [character tag]
Try an event but don’t activate it

aiview Gives
you more information about the game AI

They will always answer YES to all your questions

Change all pop-up messages

collision (debug_collision)
Switch to deputation mode in case of game collision

Activate / deactivate fullscreen or fullscreen

you (debug_ti)
Alternate off in unknown land

Alternate to leave or not to pause the game

Validate all events without launching them

Displays the time

siege [province tag]

Win instantly a city that has besieged, with this if you win with tricks.

If you know more tricks of Europa Universalis IV codes, tactical keys or aids that may be interesting, do not hesitate to collaborate and provide them for the rest of the users.

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