Grand Theft Auto V, the largest, most dynamic and most diverse open world that Rockstar Games has ever created , combines narrative and playability in a new way, with players entering and leaving the lives of the three protagonists of the game. It is a type of sandbox game , in which players will have complete freedom to explore everything. There is a main story that we can follow, endless secondary stories, or we can simply wander around the city, to see what we can find. We can take a quiet ride by car or motorcycle through the city, get several stolen vehicles such as tanks, helicopters or ships, try to leave the police behind after committing a crime, get weapons with which we will kill our enemies, even to explore everything that the sea puts at our disposal, and much more.

A much more immersive story

One of the main novelties in relation to the previous titles is history. Here we not only have one protagonist, but also 3. Although at first it may seem that the stories of our 3 protagonists are not related to each other , we will soon discover the connections. As we move forward in the story, we will unlock them and we will have to make decisions that can be decisive in the development of the plot. There will also be missions in which we will participate with 2 characters, or with 3 at the same time. This multiplies the possibilities of the title.

Very careful graphics

Depending on the console you use, the resolution at which you can enjoy GTA V can be very different. In PS3 and XBOX 360 we reached a maximum of 720p, while in Playstation 4 or XBOX One we could enjoy 1080p, with a stable rate of 30fps. A few years ago the expected PC version came out. Here we can also enjoy the resolution of 1080p . You will have a much more realistic experience , with impressive vegetation, very detailed fog, rain and sea effect, more particle effects, a much wider viewing distance, improvements in lighting and shadows, and much more.

Some things you should try

If at the time you played GTA IV, you will surely want to know some of the changes in GTA V that make this title so different. For example, here you can train a dog to attack your enemies, you can swim in the sea (without drowning) and be devoured by a shark, the rest of the drivers will whistle you if it gets dark and you circulate without putting the lights ... It is even possible to hire the services of a girl of the night if there is no patrol nearby.

GTA Online mode

One of the main features of GTA 5 is its online mode. Now we will not only have the possibility to walk through the cities offered by the title, but we can play with our friends and strangers through the Internet . We can do missions or events in common, or end anyone who comes before us. The online game has improved greatly since it was launched , reducing the congestion that occurred at certain times of the year. A non-game mod that has become very popular and that is only available on PC is FiveM , which allows you to play on private servers where you can play and create your own character within the city, have your own homes, cars, money ... a totally virtual world.


In short, GTA 5 has not only not lost its essence compared to the previous titles, but it is still fresh, with innovators that make a difference. Its online mode opens a new world of possibilities for all those who have finished the story mode, and for whom the walks through the city have become boring. Our recommendation is to try this sandbox and have a great time.

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Game Data

  • Saga: Grand Theft Auto
  • Creative company: Rockstar North
  • Distribution company: Rockstar Games
  • Available for: PC , PS4 , XBOne , PS3 , X360
  • Genres: Action
  • Release Date: September 17, 2013
Release dates for consoles:
  • PC: April 14, 2015
  • XBOne, PS4: November 18, 2014
  • X360, PS3: September 17, 2013
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