Goat Simulator cheats for PC, PS4 and XBOne

Here are a series of tips and tricks from Goat Simulator for PC that will undoubtedly make your game much easier. As always from Trucoteca we recommend that you try to play without using them to get the most out of the playable experience, although you may be very helpful in obtaining certain Achievements. Be as it is and as always ... you choose.

Bonus characters:

Successfully complete the indicated tasks to unlock the corresponding character.

Play as Angel Goat:

It remains completely removed for five minutes and the Angel Goat character will be unlocked. This character can float performing the special action.

Play as Devil Goat:

The first thing you should do is locate the bright red pentagram in the corner of the city. Go to the community pool in the suburban area that has two slides that leave from the bottom of a hill, near this location you will see an electric tower on the far side of the left and right next to this tower is The pentagram You can also use the jetpack to have a general aerial view. To become the Devil Goat, you must place five bodies on the staff, you can also do it with goats. Summon five goats to fall from the sky and after this you will become the Devil Goat and get the "Devil Goat" achievement. When you play as a devil goat you can fly invoking a black hole, or invoke the black hole to absorb enemies.

Play as Feather Goat (feather goat):

Collect 10 golden goat trophies to unlock the feather goat. Or what is the same kind of an ostrich that allows you to jump better than any other character, besides the feathers make you descend gently.

Play as Giant Goat:

Collect 20 golden goat trophies to unlock the giant goat, which is a species of whale that barely moves but can expel water through its vent.

Play as Queen Goat:

Near the area where you appear there is a spiral tower in the corner of the area with fence around. Go up the spiral and enter through the door above, behind this door there will be a throne room. Get on the throne and you will become the queen goat. While you are the queen goat you will wear a skull mask and you can make it rain at will.

Play as Ripped Goat:

Stun all the goats in the combat ring and you will unlock the Ripped Goat, which is a more muscular and stronger version than a normal goat.

Location of all Collectibles / Achievement: Try Hard:

Search the locations that are detailed in the video to find each and every one of the trophies hidden in the game and get the achievement "difficult test", in the simplest way.

Play as a robot goat:

Place the robot in the blue container and the two sanctuary statues in the pentagram forest. One of the statues is on the second floor of the spiral tower, where the queen goat is unlocked. The second is in a brown house near the point of reappearance.

Play as a slender goat:

The Slender Goat is not an official unlockable character, but it is possible to make your goat a slender goat. Collect 30 golden goat trophies and unlock the space goat, unlock the ripped goat and then go to the customization option in the main menu and select the space goat and the ripped goat and choose any map.

Play as Space Goat:

Collect 30 golden goat trophies and unlock the space goat, which is a gigantic alien creature from Sanctum 2.

Play as High Goat:

Collect 5 golden goat trophies and you will unlock the tall goat, which is a giraffe.

How to go to space:

As we see in the garage house, at the table we will throw the lantern and then we will take it with the tongue to take it to the area that we see in the video that looks like a cornfield with the typical UFO brand where we will place it just above the post, Once this is done we will wait to see our UFO arrive and it will abduct us.

Play Flappy Goat minigame:

To play the Flappy Bird style minigame we will go to the Coffee Stain Studios building that is near the mountains, once we find the stairs we will go up and find a TV in one of the rooms, when we attack it it will turn on and allow us to play this minigame where we must go through the largest possible number of pipes.

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