Final Fantasy VII (FF7) cheats for PSX

Alexander: Locate the hot springs of the Great Glacier. Sink your hands to see what you find, then locate and beat the snowman. Final weapons: AERIS: In the temple of the elders (first disc) BARRET: Before facing Hojo in the Mako reactor (second disc) CAIT SITH: When you go to Hojo in the Mako reactor go to the Shinra tower on the 64th floor and then to the lockers. In one of them it will be (second disc) CID: After the rocket takes off, talk to the man who was always watching him three times (second disc) CLOUD: After defeating the last Weapon (second disc) RED13: He gives it to you Bugenhaggen before dying in Cañon Cosmo (second disc) TIFA: The empty store of Wall Market (second disc) VINCENT: Lucrecia Cave (third disc) YUFFIE: Starry plane of Shinra (second disc) Underwater: Go to the underwater reactor and fight the sunken ship. Transform the ship to enter the guide. Take it to the explorer with peace of mind. Drums of the church: In the Church when you help Aerith you can follow several options, one of them is to throw the drums above the heads of the soldiers, if you want to hit it right do it in the following order: 1º Throw the top canister left. 2nd Throw the upper right drum. 3rd Throw the lower right drum. Forest of the elderly: In the vicinity of Cañon Cosmo is the Forest of the Elders. You can access it in two ways: one on the back of a black or gold chocobo, the other defeating Ultima Weapon, will destroy part of the surface of the area by opening a path to the aforementioned forest. Knights of the round: You will have to feed a golden chocobo and direct it to the northeast corner of the world map and locate the island with a cave. Easy chocobo races: Press + + + at the same time during the race to win easily. Posters of the turtle paradise: In Wutai there is a bar where there is a board that indicates that there is a series of posters all over the world. These are the areas where they are: 1.- In a house in the suburbs of sector 6 (the one on the right) 2.- In the Shinra building, on a bulletin board. 3.- In the Gold Saucer, Hotel Fantasma. 4.- The Cosmo Canyon next to the gun shop. 5.- At the entrance of the hoter in Cañon Cosmo. 6.- Yuffie's House. Get Bahamut - Zero: This trick is very simple. You just have to go to Cañon Cosmo with the Neo-Bahamut matter and look at one of the 4 huge matters * (I don't remember exactly what it is) and choose the option of approaching the matter, then it will tell you that the Neo-Bahamut matter Bahamut-Zero is shining and the matter will come out. Get Vicent: In the Shinra mansion in Nibelheim there is a box in one of the basement rooms. To open it you have to solve a puzzle of the notes in the house or enter these notes directly: 36 to the right 10 to the left 59 to the right 97 to the right Inside there is a key with Odin matter and a creature to defeat. Using that key you can open the box with vicent inside and after a few talks he will join your group. Containment: When Tifa goes to party to take care of Cloud, who in turn has become ill, he uses Cid to find the little white Chocobo. Offer the Chocobo some green vegetables and rub the ear. Finding Yuffie: In one of the forests on the map, you'll find a strange girl named Yuffie who is a Ninja expert in oriental weapons and a master in the art of matter theft. It will appear as an enemy that you will have to face, but when you defeat it you will appear on a map that contains a point to save. Before, talk to her or she will disappear. Treat it with a lot of tact to join your group. Location of all subjects: YELLOW MATTER: DOUBLE HIT: Go to the sunken plane. MORTAL HIT When you go to Gongaga take the road on the left, you can also buy it in Rocket Town or in Fuerte Condor. TOTAL HIT: You find it in the frog forest when you have defeated the last frog. INVOCATION - W: In the battle square of Gold Saucer you must get 65,000 battle points. LAUNCH: When Yuffie joins the team, she already takes her with her. You can also buy it in Rocket Town or in Fuerte Condor. MAGIC - W: In the Mako Trench, in the northern cave, go down the path on the left and when you meet your friends climb three screens. Later you will see a bright blue light here you have a counter material and the w-magic is next to the trees on the right. HANDLING: Cait Sith is equipped with this material when you join your team, you can also buy it in Rocket Town or Fuerte Condor. MIMIC: You need a black or green chocobo, then you must go to the Southern Continent and enter the eastern cave. MORFO: You have it in the temple of the elders. STEAL Buy it in Kalm Town or when you save Tifa in the Wallmarket, kill the enemy and you will find her. SENSE: Get her in Kalm City or Junon. ENEMY TECHNIQUES: You can find one in Shinra on the 68th floor, there is another under the black bed of Ancient City and another that you can get thanks to the green chocobo in the house of the chocobo Sage. W - ITEM: Disc 2, when you assault Midgar you must go south through the tunnel. BLUE MATTER: ABSORPTION PG: Hit her on the last leg. PM ABSORPTION: Go to the Watai Yuffie item store. They steal it but then you recover it. FINAL ATTACK: When you win the special battle against Prod Clod in Battle Square you will get it. COMMAND COUNTER: In the northern cave. ADDED EFFECT: In cosmo canyon when gugenhagen escorts you to the cave. BASIC ELEMENT: Get it at Tifa's house or at the shinra headquarters 62nd floor. MAGIC COUNTER: If you win many races with a chocobo on level s you will receive it as a prize. QUADRI MAGIA: Use a black or gold chocobo go to the southeast continent and enter the cave. STEAL WHAT YOU CAN: In Wutai there is a cave with a bonfire first get the Leviathan Scales that are in the room near the Junon submarine. SNEAK ATTACK: If you win many races with a chocobo in level s you will receive it as a prize. EVERYTHING: Red XII already has it you can also buy it in Fuerte Condor. TURBO PM: Go to the temple of the elders. RED MATTER ALEJANDRO: In the North Continent under the shack of the old man. You will find it in a cave on the edge of an icy wilderness. BAHAMUT: In the temple of the elders defeat the dragon of the golden room. BAHAMUT ZERO: In the cosmo canyon it touches the big red stuff you must first have Bahamut. KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE: Use a golden chocobo and go to the northeast island. CHOCO / MOG: When you arrive at the chocobos farm you will find a chocobo on the fence. Talk to him to get the subject. HADES: On the sunken plane look near the crashed helicopter. IFRIT: You will get it when you have killed Jenova Birth on Shinra's ship. KUJATA: There is a forest before reaching the city of the elderly, the matter is on the second screen. LEVIATHAN: In Wutai you have to go through all the floors of the pagoda. ODIN: Open the safe and defeat the enemy of the Shinra Mansion. The combination of the box is 36 right, 10 left, 59 right, 97 right. PHOENIX: Win the mini war of strong Condor. RAMUH: Before running with the chocobos, look at the lockers. SHIVA: In the cave before reaching Junon. TITAN: It's close to Gongaga's machinery. TYPHOON: Kill the ultimate weapon in the forest of frogs when you are in the tree go right jumping on the vines. GREEN MATTER BARRIER: Rocket Town. BRAVEDAD: Buy it in Costa del Sol or Midel. COMETA: It's in the city of the elderly. Look around the pond. CONTAIN: Buy the most expensive food from Chocobos Farm, then go to Midel and find the hyperactive boy who has a small chocobo talk to the chocobo and give him the food you have bought, he will give you the Contain stuff. TOTAL CURE: On disk 2 return to Cañon Cosmo and enter one of the stores outside the structure you can only do it while you are on disk 2. DESTROY: When you are in Nibbleheim Sephiroth's skirt you will throw it. SHIELD: In the last area (the North Cave) when you meet your friends go down the path on the left and then the one that goes up the music will change. SHIELD: You can buy it at one of the Junon stores. FIRE: Cloud is already equipped with this material you can also buy it in Fuerte Condor, Wallmakert and Costa del Sol. ICE: Cloud already has it incorporated but you can buy it in the same part as fire. LIGHTNING: Cloud already has it incorporated but you can buy it in the same part as the fire. MITIFY: Buy it at Cañon Cosmo. RECOVER: Buy it in Midgar City, Area 5. Wallkmarket, Midel or Fuerte Condor. You can also find it in Mako's oven. LIVE: In Junon. EXIT: Rocket Town. SEAL Buy it in Gongaga, Junon or Kalm City. TIME: Buy it in Gongaga City. EARTH: You can buy it in Costa del Sol or Kalm City. TRANSFORM: Caith Sith is already equipped when you join for the first time you can also buy it in Cañon Cosmo, Gongaga City, North Corel or Midel. LAST: After preventing the train from crashing in North Corel you will get it. POISON: Buy it in Kalm city, you can also find it in the Shinra Building. Kill Gi-Nattak in one fell swoop: Use a Fenix Plumage to start and die automatically. Matter of the knights of the round table: It is hidden on an island that does not appear on the map located northwest of it, to reach it and I can enter the cave where the powerful matter is housed you will have to go with a GOLD chocobo Produce 99 items: To use this trick you need to have W-item stuff and at least two of the items you want to produce. When you are in battle, point to the item you wish to produce and press   . Then press  repeatedly. You can use this system to have more money. You just have to go to chocobo's house and buy two green silkis. Use the above method to keep 99 of them and sell the rest at 2,500 gil the piece. Reset the game: Press    . You can only on the map. Sage chocobo: In Nordic lands, east of Iciclos is in a cabin away from civilization a man who will teach you how to reproduce the chocobos, if instead of the help of the old man with memory problems you prefer ours go to the Chocobos section. Temple of the Elders: In the temple of the elders there will be a time when you arrive at the Clock Room. There are several doors, some with objects and other empty, if you fall to the bottom you will fight and then you will get a prize, but the correct door is twelve o'clock, but for this you must have completed the door six. Here there is an old man to capture, there are ten doors, each leads to another, the trick is to guess why the old man will leave the door and capture him, this is the operation of the doors. Gate 1 leads to Gate 5 Gate 6 leads to Gate 7 Gate 2 leads to the Entrance Gate 7 leads to Gate 4 Gate 3 leads to Gate 8 Gate 8 leads to Gate 9 Gate 4 leads to Gate 10 Gate 9 leads to Gate 6 Door 5 leads to Door 3 Door 10 leads to Door 1 You can jump to lower areas, the trick is to enter the door five the first time and you will have captured the old man. Having a golden chocobo: It crosses rivers, mountains and oceans. Pair a black chocobo and another good chocobo. Use the Bio fruit (northwest of the small islands surrounded by forests). There are little gobelins who take care of them. The indicated maneuvers do not work all the time. Pairing is random, so you should restart the trick if it doesn't work. Having a black chocobo: It crosses rivers and mountains. Make pairs of green and blue chocobos. Use the fruit of Carabe. The indicated maneuvers do not work all the time. Pairing is random, so you should restart the trick if it doesn't work. Have a green / blue chocobo: Make pairs of good chocobos and give them Carabe fruit, which will be available only if you beat the monsters that are nearby. The indicated maneuvers do not work all the time. Pairing is random, so you should restart the trick if it doesn't work. Trick for Barret: Put Barret on level 70 and equip him with Missing Socre and Wizard Bracelet. Then give the following elements: 5x HP Plus (1 star) Time (2 stars) Barrier (2 stars) Full-Cure (2 stars) Destruct (3 stars) Then you can equip barret with as much yellow matter as you want, because you don't It will affect your life points. With this combination Barret will have an HP mark of 7777 and you can inflict 7777 points of damage to its enemies. Hidden areas: In the world there are four places accessible only from a chocobo, the areas are, the cave near Wutai where you will find the very useful gestural matter, the cave near Corel where you will find the matter pg / pm, the cave near Mideel where quadrimagia matter is found and the cave on the Circular Island to the Northeast of the map where the powerful Knights matter of the Round table is hidden. This last island is not on the map and is only accessible from a golden chocobo. 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