Cheats from The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask for N64

100 Rupees: In the East of Clock City, put on the Rabbit Hood and get on the roof of the Dairy Bar. Jump first to the small pillar next to the wall and then on the Honey & Darling sign. Go straight ahead, then turn right and you will find an ark containing 100 rupees. Advance time 12 hours: Play the song with Ocarina to travel in time 12 hours forward, press: Help: Near the dairy road there is a bird, when you kill it it gives you 200 coins but, you have to be careful because if you carry little money and it gives you, you take a bottle. Song of the Simpsons: Play the Ocarina like    Stick-Analog + , Stick-Analog +   [Z + Stick-Analog + ] 3 times, Stick-Analog + Songs: Elegy of Emtiness: Press: Goron Lullaby: Press: New Wave Bossanova: Press: Oath to Order: Press: Song of Healing: Press: Song of Soaring: Press: Capital Hull: Go to the Ikana cemetery and play the awakening song to the giant skeleton. Defeat it with fire arrows and the sword and use the hook to reach the chest. Get milk: Go to the Romani ranch with a bottle and with the Epona song, enter the barn and play the Epona song in front of a cow to give you the milk. Get to use Oni Link: To use oni link, outside the battle with majoras, you must have finished the game with all the masks which you will have available to oni link, and the trick is the following (you must bring the mask of the rabbit) go the third night out in the thief's hideout in the ikana valley, hit the door with a roll atack (a knock where you roll). Then paste it again but in the corner where the corner of the stone door is seen. It will allow you to enter without it being open. Then enter you will find Kafei inside. As soon as you take control over kafei, open the menu by pressing and where you had the rabbit mask put the oni link and as soon as you take control over the link it will be put on the mask. Eliminate bad: In zelda 2 go to the city dairy Clock and you will see a guard if you want to leave the city clock with deku get to the door of the dairy press with taya and move towards the guard get under your spear and go towards back and there will be no bad works try it. Epona in the town of the clock: When you have recovered Epona, ride to the east gate of the Town of the Clock Tower just when the screen begins to shrink at the end of the day. You will appear inside the village, on the back of your faithful steed. If you are the lucky possessor of a rumble pak look where it vibrates the most, place a bomb and collect your prize. Escape from city clock like Deku Link: Everything is based on a game flaw, but you can take advantage of it if the thing goes wrong and you don't get the Ocarina. Go to the east gate and approach the guard, but keep as far to the left as you can (towards the Dairy Bar). Turn around to avoid looking at him while pressing Z and pulling back the analog stick. You will need some time to correctly position the angle, but Deku Link will run at full speed and move the evil guard away. Oddly enough, when you go out on the field there will be no enemies to fight and music will not sound. Avoid the effects of the bombs: Place a bomb and turn your back, while raising the shield. Even if your back is exposed to the explosion, you will not suffer any damage. Remember that the Explosive Mask will not cause you any damage if you keep the shield high while you blow it up. Win 200 Ruperts: Outside of Tow there is a bird that if you kill him they give you 200 ruperts. But be careful because it can take away your sword. If you take it off you can get it back at the house in front of the bank. Win the lottery: Play the lottery and write down the numbers that come out every day. As they never change, you can go back in time and use them to win a safe prize in each draw. Earn a lot of money: If you want to earn a lot of money, get the arrow of light, the stone mask and if you want the rabbit's. Now go to the End of Night field and play the song of time invested. Throw light arrows at some skeleton species with purple fire will give you 50 rupees. Postman's Cap: Take the special delivery of the postman to the post office after 6 pm on the third day. The postman will deliver and then insist that you get the hat. Infinite Fairies: The pots located next to the Owls Statues always contain a revitalizing red fairy. Catch it with a bottle, get out and re-enter the same area. There will be another fairy in the pot. Free milk: When you see a cow play the melody Epona's Song press Z will tell you something and you will get the milk. Rabbit mask: Visit the creek northeast of the Town of the Clock Tower the first night and talk with the accordionist. Put on the Bird Mask that the musician gives you; Then, visit the stables. Press and hold while collecting chickens. You will receive as a reward a Rabbit Mask, which will allow Link to run at twice the normal speed. Mask of aromas: After releasing the princess, return to the entrance of the palace and in the sanctuary, there is a guide, follow it. Bremen mask: With the explosive mask, go to the laundry room and speak with the organ Chinese. Deku Mask: The mask seller gives it to you after stealing the ocarina from Skull kid. Don Gero Mask: Go to the Goron sanctuary and light a deku stick, put on the rabbit's mask and light all the torches of the sanctuary. Break the stone balls from the platform, take a piece of meat and throw it to the Goron that is near the blacksmith shop. Explosive mask: In the north of the city, about 12 at night, he catches a thief who steals from a lady. Garo Mask: Go to the Gorman brothers' farm with Epona. Pay 10 rupees to be first in the race. Gibdo Mask: In the Ikama canyon, a house surrounded by mummies passes, climbs a ramp and enters the cave. In the water, play the storm song for the spectrum. He returns to the house and a girl will run away. Hide until 9 in the morning and when you go out again the girl enters the house, goes down to the basement and plays the song of healing to the mummy in the closet. Giant mask: In the stone tower, remove the android and take it from inside the chest. Great Fairy Mask: In the laundry room there is a fairy fragment. Take it to the fairy fountain. Kafei Mask: Accept Madame Aroma's order at the mayor's house. Kamaro Mask: Get out of the city clock at 12 in the morning and play the healing song for Kamaro. Keaton Mask: Talk to the saleswoman at the inn and give her the bride and groom's pendant. Wait for the third day and talk to the clerk in the laundry shop. You will receive the mask and the special delivery to get the mailman's cap. Mask of the Fierce Deity: Play hide and seek with the four children who run along the big moon tree. Mask of truth: Enter the nest of the swamp spiders and collect the 30 golden spider spirits. Night mask: Get Kafei's and 500 Rupees. Press the thief on the first night and wait until 10 p.m. on the third day. In the curiosity shop you will have the mask. Wedding mask: Go to the inn of the pot between 4:30 and 8 in the afternoon. With Kafei's mask, talk to the saleswoman and wait at 11:30 p.m. outside the inn. Come in and I'll give you a letter. Put it in a mailbox, go to the laundry room (5 in the afternoon of the second day) and talk to Kafei in the curiosity shop. He will give you a wedding pendant. Give it to the inn clerk, go to Ikana Canyon and enter Sakon's hideout at 6 pm on the third day. Put on the stone mask so that the thief does not recognize you, wait for it to open the hiding place and enter it. To solve the puzzles you must have Kafei's mask on some. Take the mask, return to the inn of the Puchero and go up to the first floor. Meet with Anju and wait for Kafei to arrive. There is the mask. Stone mask: Push Mikau towards the shore of the great bay coast and play the healing song. Romani Mask: Eliminate the aliens that abduct cows from the Romani ranch and wait for the early morning of the second day, enter the vaqueria and talk to Romani, wait at 6 in the afternoon and escort your sister's cart to watch city. Circus chief mask: Put on Romani's mask and go to the Dairy bar at 10 in the morning. Talk to the great Zora and accept his proposal. Put yourself under the beam of light and play the musical notes with the ocarina, trombone deku, the goron drum and the zora guitar. Goron Mask: Locate the Goron ghost, follow him and play the song of healing. Original death: Play the bombers game with Link. Then, when you go to the square of the inn of the pot take the hen that is on a roof, hit many times and then hens will leave on all sides to kill you. You can't cover yourself with Link Goron. Restore boards: Destroy a board, then play the next Ocarina song (the healing song) Delay time: Touch the Song of Time backwards, the clock time is delayed, but you will always move at the same speed. It is very useful when you have to run great distances, or when you want to extend the game time. The song is: Resurrection Sonata: Allows you to revive an undead. To get it press: Transform into a super strong Link: Finish the game once and start another game by entering LINKMAN as the file name. Then, Link will be the strongest and fastest. Piece of heart: In any day and time you approach the city clock in the north. Next to the swing you place yourself in the center of some bushes that hullen when you give them and you put on the keaton mask and with the sword you make a whirlpool and a fox similar to that of the mask will appear and will ask you 5 questions related to the game, and If you hit them, I'll give you the piece. Infinite life: Go to the dairy and talk to the manager and suddenly he will tell you what you are looking for and you choose one of the two options (whatever) and he will give you a triangle of the triforce that was found in woodfall and ready you have infinite life (be patient this may take depending on the game configuration).

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