FIFA 17 cheats for PC, PS4 and PS3

Now we show you a series of tricks and tips of FIFA 17 for PC, the fantastic football game that returns every year and now comes with more force than ever, with new game systems, better graphics and many new features, and as always in Trucoteca We want to help you take your team to the top.

How to get better players:

In the new FIFA 17, we have big stars, such as Cristiano, Neymar, Messi, and getting the big ones can be very complicated, but now we are going to give you a series of guidelines to get more coins quickly and thus be able to have a good team to face the best, and thus continue to climb positions. NOTE: This guide is intended for FUT mode, FIFA Ultimate Team. - The first thing is to never leave the games, many players who in the 90th minute are losing, end up leaving the game, this in an error that should not be allowed, the higher the percentage of abandonment, the less coins we will receive at the end of the match . - You have to play seasons and always be able to win them, the more games we play the more coins we get, but if we also win the season we will be able to receive important prizes and get some rewards to improve our team. - It may seem obvious, but selling everything we do not use is quite worth it, it is not necessary to collect the players who almost never play, the perfect thing would be to have only 22 players, having a regular team as usual, and another for changes , that way we can sell all that we don't use and that way we can buy improvements, in turn we can also sell items that we don't use to get some more coins. - The trade is vital, in the trade you can earn coins in a simple way, for this we will have to buy players or objects to later sell them and thus get some benefit, but of course we will have to practice it a bit to be able to dominate it without problems and never lose money. - It is possible to play without having a coach, but it is not recommended, since having a coach on the team brings benefits for the economy, the technicians provide contract cards that can be used to hire or renew players, so we avoid spending coins to maintain the level of the template.

Basic Tips:

- Most of the time we try to steal balls with the entrances at ground level, this usually does not give good result if our rival has some idea, it is better to hold the rival by putting the body so that the rival does not break our defense, the Ground-level tickets come in handy to cut coverages or defensive actions if your team suffers a counterattack. - Touching ball is more important than it seems, it may be obvious but with short and fast passes we force the rival defense to advance to steal the ball while our strikers look for holes, we can also make a change of band and we will have a opportunity to attack while the opponent's defense is relocated. - Many players when they approach the goal they get nervous and shoot at the door anyway, most of these shots do not end up being a goal, for this, we must try to outline the player who is going to shoot to take the ball towards his good leg, stop the race a bit, and mark the strength of the shot well - A good way to break the defenses of the opponent is through the walls, so we can leave a riva broken if we know the right time and place, the walls within the enemy area are more difficult to perform, but if we have good players we can Take a good advantage. - The goalkeeper is one more player, learn to use it, you should know how to get the goalie out on some occasions, just as if you feel pressure you can make a pass to the goalkeeper, in this way the rival team will advance a bit and you will have a few seconds to Start a new game.

Ultimate Team Coins

Players: The best we can do is limit ourselves to having a staff of 22 players, having two players for each position, in this way you can sell all those that surpass you and earn some coins, in addition to saving in salaries since you will not have so many players . The cards and objects: If you listened to the previous advice, and now you have a good staff of 22 players, now you can sell the cards physically, equipment and contracts that you do not need, that way you will also get some coins, think well that you need And what can you sell? Finish Matches: It is vital that we finish all the matches, even if we are receiving a real beating, since if we abandon our drop-off rate and therefore the coins we will win, before starting a match check well that you have time to not have to abandon since we can get coins depending on the possession of the ball, corners, etc.

The new penalties:

Now in this new installment of FIFA 17, the penalty system has received a strong change, which completely seeks to achieve a new system much more technical and intuitive than its predecessors, and now has three phases of action for the penalty. Preparation: In this phase we must choose the position of the player by moving the right Joystick, with this we will guide the player regarding the hit according to his good leg and the type of penalty we want to perform at the door. Approach: This second phase consists in moving the right Joystick towards the spherical and at the same time choosing the place where we want to direct the ball, but we must have touch of the Joystick to adjust the ball well and not throw it out of the net. Definition: Already in the last phase we must press but calculating the power we want to give the shot.

Dribbles and Watermarks:

Now we show you a series of watermarks and dribbles that we can do in FIFA 17, we must remember that in order for us to do well we must have enough skill with the players, especially with those that are 5 stars since if we will not lose control and not I will do it successfully.

Mark Missing Goals:

Now we show you how to score foul goals with the best pitchers like Cristiano Ronaldo, for this we must follow the instructions shown in the video and so we will increase our chances.

Score Goals in FIFA 17:

We know a little trick with which we will have an almost 100% chance of scoring goals whenever we want, it seems to be a small failure of the game from which we can certainly get a good game. to always score a goal, we will only have to run through the band, until we almost reach the end of the field, when we are about to leave the line outside the goal we only have to focus on the area of the goalkeeper's small area, it will stay for a moment like thinking about whether to leave, or wait between the sticks, and you can almost always finish off and the goalkeeper will not be able to stop the shot, not even goalkeeper Neuer who has an average of 92.

The new Corners:

As was the case with the new penalties in FIFA 17, the corner throwing system has also undergone a great change, now to perform a corner kick we must perform three new phases, which require some practice if we want to score, and therefore we explain how Get a corner kick. Direction and Hitting: In the first phase, the user must indicate with the left Joystick where he wants to place the spherical, and keep to determine the power of the serve, but be careful, since in this phase a small difficulty with a slight resistance has been included when placing the indicator on the area. Player Change: In this second phase, we must select the player with him and place him near the area where we want to send the ball, but it is not enough just to put the player, he says that the rival defenses will be marking our player, and so not We can finish with enough power, but to lose the defense we must start from any other point and go where we indicate the ball and thus be able to finish. Attack: The last phase, in this one we should only try to adjust the auction and score a goal.

Launches of fouls 2 players:

To ask for a second pitcher in the foul we must press , with it we can lightly touch the ball, or carry out threats, throw directly to the door, etc., thereby increasing the chances of cheating the rival defense, but it also has some drawbacks, As the barrier gets too close, now we explain the different functions. Throw with Second Launcher: + Left with Second Launcher: + Pumped Pass with Second Launcher: + Amago with Second Launcher: + y

Launches of Fouls 3 Players:

With the help of a third pitcher we increase the chances of making a rehearsed play, as in the previous one with two players we will be able to perform several actions such as direct shooting, several shots, etc., this comes great if we play with a team that does not have good launchers to make more precise moves, now we explain all the possibilities. Order Third Launcher: Shoot with the Third Launcher: + Amago with Second Launcher: + y

FIFA 17 promises:

Now we are going to show you the four best promises in FIFA 17 that are the youngest of up to 21 years old who will be at least 85 on average, also tend to be the biggest stars of their generation and end up with a very high potential, and therefore in Trucoteca We want you to meet the four best of each position on the field. Goalkeepers: -Gianluigi Donnarumma: AC Milan, Potential 88, age 17. -Bartlomiej Dragowski: Fiorentina, Potential 86, age 19. -Alban Lafont: Toulouse FC, Potential 86, age 17. -Simone Scuffet: Udinese, Potential 85, age 20. Defenses: -Kurt Zouma: Chelsea, Potential 89, age 21. -Luke Shaw: Manchester United, Potential 88, age 21. -Jose Maria Gimenez: Atletico de Madrid, Potential 88, age 21. -Mauricio Lemos: UD Las Palmas, Potential 88, age 20. Midfielders: -Dele Alli: Tottenham Hotspur, Potential 90, age 20. -Ousmane Dembele: Borussia Dortmund, Potential 90, age 19. -Renato Sanches: Bayern Munich, Potential 90, age 19. -Anthony Martial: Manchester United, Potential 90, age 20.


-Kingsley Coman: Bayern Munich, Potential 88, age 20. -Angel Correa: Atletico de Madrid, Potential 88, age 21. -Kelechi Iheanacho: Manchester City, Potential 88, age 19. -Charly Musonda: Real Betis Balompie, Potential 88, age 19.

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